THE Hermes Birkin

  1. [​IMG]
    1) orange croc

    2) Bi-color croc

    3) black lizard

    4) Braise croc

    5) caramel (?) croc

    6) silver leather

    (all photos:
  2. OMFG :nuts: THAT BICOLOR CROC IS :love: I'll say it again...OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all, but that one is exceptional!
  3. :love: I totally much is that thing?..'cause I think I may be willing to sell a kidney for it..just least about the kidney part!!:wacko:
  4. ^^^the bicolor croc that was in Waikiki a while ago was $25,000 or so.
  5. The silver one is really godawful looking... but wow, those crocs are lovely.
  6. My god, I just can't see paying $25,000 for A HANDBAG! Even if I won the lotto....the guilt of spending that much $$$$ on something so frivolous!
  7. ^^^if you can afford it, I say do it! You only live once :nuts:
  8. That's very true, but I would like to live my life knowing that I didn't over indulge myself and live so excessively....I feel like it's bad karma, not to mention what would happen on judgement day!
  9. noriko do you have something in fuchsia croc??
    i think the matching would be amazing!!
  10. No, my agenda is fuchsia ostrich :biggrin: The matching would be amazing though:love: :love: :nuts:

  11. Bad karma????:cry:
  12. noriko you have sometning in fuchsia crock, don't you???
    what about matching with it?
    ....i loooove the matching!!
  13. ^^^no, its fuchsia ostrich :biggrin:
  14. Supporting craftsmen doesn't seem like such bad karma to me, as long as they're making good wages and have good health and retirement benefits.
  15. ^^^agreed :love: :idea: