the heel issue

  1. I've always noticed how most Manolos have a heel that gets bigger just at the bottom while Louboutins simply taper off neatly. I think a lot of cheaper shoe brands have heels like Manolos, and I think it's a definite flaw in his designs. I'm sure it's slightly more practical to walk in, but aesthetically speaking, it ruins the shoe for me.

    What do you think about the heel?
  2. Doesn't ruin the shoe for me at all. I love Manolos
  3. I'm with Mich...
  4. I think both are nice. You'll find the MB heel on cheaper shoes because they are considered classic and have changed very little over the years so a lot of cheaper companies imitate it.
  5. I think its just the style of the heel and the cheaper brands are just trying to copy it. They had an article about the perfect shoes and one of the Manolo style was featured on it. They explained why they cost so much and everything. I would guess Manolo did a lot of research into it to come up with their designs.
  6. wow, glad someone took a close look! I had no clue...
  7. Here, here!

    Though, I don't believe it's necessarily a "flaw", I've just never really liked that kind of heel. (to each their own)..

    I'm a vavavavooom, kinda gal and CL heels just do it for me (like no other) .:girlsigh:
  8. I have never paid attention. I should look more closely next time.
  9. me either, now i'm curious to compare the two. oh, the things you learn on tPF! :smile:
  10. Well put. I guess I'm just one of those people that scrutinizes every last detail :p
  11. I also have a wierd thing with CLs sculpted heels. I'm just not diggin them at all.. and don't think I ever will..
  12. ^^ITA. I hate the CL sculpted heel. Why did they do that?

    Otherwise, I think the shape of MB heels are very delicate and ladylike.