The Heaviest Bag in the World???

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  1. Well, maybe I am exaggerating, but something arrived today and it is sooo heavy. Thank goodness it is beautiful. It kind of makes up for the weight!

    It's the Fall 05 Quilted Stella - Black Icey Leather, antiques chains (2!) and pushlocks. Lined in suede. It is sooooo beautiful. I bought this as an impulse BIN on E-bay for a great price (at least, I think so!) and it is like new. Really. No wear, at all. It looks like a brand new bag. I am pleasantly surprised. I was so afraid to take it out of the box. I had just a slight, nagging feeling it could be fake, since I didn't have time to ask for additional pics. It's not fake! Yay! I will post pics later. I have to shuttle my daughter around for a little while.

    I just wanted to confirm that this bag weighs a ton and I can see how it would not work for a lot of people. I am used to really heavy bags, so I think I will be ok with it. This bag would be sooooo gorgeous in all those other icey 05 shades.
  2. Sounds incredible - where the pics???!!!!!
  3. Did you get it already rorosity? I wanna see!!:nuts:
  4. Whoa! That was quick! I definitely want to see pics!

    I saw that and thought it was an amazing bargain. If it's in great condition, it was the deal of a lifetime!!!

    AFF has one in bordeaux. A little pricey, but GORGEOUS!
  5. is it heavier than hudsons ? congrats!
  6. caant wait to see pictures roro! congratssss..
  7. yah! roro!! i bet she's a beauty!
  8. To know if it was a fake we would need pics. But, the heaviness could be attributed to the leather, chains, and suede. While they all make the bag beautiful, they make it feel like it has bricks in it. Pain is beauty!
  9. I've heard from several people that this bag is indeed super heavy... the stella is already a big and heavy bag, so adding quilting and chains would probably bring it towards the level of "heaviest bag ever." But as mentioned before, pain is beauty!! Congrats on your new bag, I can't wait to see pics!!
  10. Oh man I'm dying to see pics too!..And yeah..I can just imagine how much that sucker weighs!!! Congrats!!
  11. roro! you should totally weigh it! LOL i bet it's heavy...but at least you'll have a weapon if you ever encounter anyone shady...just smack em' upside the head with those chains. BAM! LOL
  12. sounds neck-breaking
  13. if she can lift the bag! :rolleyes:
  14. Yup, it weighs a ton. I bought a brand new one from a lovely tpfer, and it's so lovely. But yeah, the chains, the suede, and the quilted leather significantly add to the weight.
  15. sounds gorgeously heavy! like in the best possible way! can't wait for pics!