The Heavens Are Smiling, I Found Coco Cabas

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  1. Ladies! After calling every Neimans and a few Saks from here to the isolated mountainous regions where Yaks graze, I found at the San Diego store, what the manager and SA there told me is the new coco cabas....its the metallic muted silver (also comes in gold) and has the braided chain handle but without the big dangly CC charm (I don't mind not having it anyway). The bag has the quilting on the lower part of it, is about 20" long, and has Chanel and CC's running around the top of it...I have not seen it yet but ordered it. It was $1,295! Is this truly a Coco cabas, or the new Coco Cabas for spring???? I have never heard of this price, only the $995 for the vinyl and the $1700 plus for the leather one, They said it was vinyl leather. Is this the crinkly material that feels kinda brittle? I don't want to get my hopes up that I will fall totally in love with it, in case its not as desirable as the Coco Cabas (am already on waiting list for vinyl one and regular leather one at the NM in Tampa)....will receive it in a couple of days 'cause I paid extra to have 2 day Fed Ex
    Please, I would love to hear what you know bout this bag
    Thanks so much! :heart:
  2. ^^^Yaks...LOL! Congrats! Hope you love it!
  3. It sounds like the sporty Cabas.


  4. oooooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
    if this is it, i love it!!!! ::doing the happy purse dance while Coco herself smiles and offers blessings from heaven!::
  5. Wow, what a good find! Plz post pix when you get them!:drool:
  6. this is the sporty cabas in that pic, which I believe is what you ordered. I have seen it in SCP chanel, I have to be honest though, the sporty cabas is huge, and that's not leather, the silver material looks like aluminum foil.....I do not like this bag at all when I saw it IRL.
  7. I'm not the biggest fan either, but haven't seen it in person, and if you like it, just pretend I'm blind and mentally ill. It should have no bearing on you. Hope you love it!
  8. I looks gorgeous!! But i wonder how it looks in real.. u definitely have to model it for us :yes:

  9. smiling...........thanks so much for comments, ladies
    i hope the bag isnt too huge, as i am 5"1' (although i do love big big big!) shall let you know this weekend after it arrives!

    those of you that didnt like it so much, i am taking your comments seriously and thank you for your honesty.....i feel that when we ask for opinions/answers to questions here, we want well as kindness, which you gave me
    kindness without softness is bordering on meaniness, but no one here has ever subjected me to that,,,,,,,could it be 'cause i'm nice??!!!! (imitating Sally Fields in her long-ago Oscar acceptance speech "you liiiiike me, you reaaaaalllly like me!!" LOL) :P
    you guys are very cool and i am so glad i joined PF!
  10. Awww HUGS! Love tPF.
  11. I saw this in silver at the trunk show, but the material is very light and flimsy.I wasn't a big fan, but I do hope you'll like it! :yes:
  12. hope you like it please post pics when you get it!!! Congrats!
  13. my thoughts exactly. when i'm paying that much $$$ i want leather. it's hard to describe the material for the sport cabas... almost cloth/plastic like. i've only seen it in gold. it is a pretty color though.
  14. Im dying to see this IRL!