The Heat Stamped CLUB!!!

  1. Yes...another club...:lol::lol::lol:
    sorry, I couldn't resist...but the heatstamps are a work of art!

    Here's mine....where's your's??



  2. all these clubs, i'm so excited!!

    here's my hotstamping...antigua cabas luggage tag and epi pocket organizer.
    pics 017.jpg epihotstamp.jpg
  3. OOOooo....Lovely! :love:
  4. I'm liking that a lot, I'm going to have to take my wallet first and have them do it:yes:
  5. here's one on my Ouvea Carryall:

    and Keepall bandouliere 50:
  6. I have heat stamped my luggage tag, but I have no pics of it yet.
  7. Here's mine:

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  8. Here's mine!!

  9. heres a pic of my heat stamped speedy 30... its just a plain heat stamp... no colour... :wlae: 000o i do love these LV clubs!!! hehehe! :yahoo:
    beach 128.jpg
  10. on my Manhattan GM:
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG
  11. Here's mine on my white mc speedy clochette! :jammin:
  12. I was abroad for a couple of weeks (business trip :yucky: ) and I'd like to join my first club.... Need to post asap my damier speedy heat stamp (sorry for this :shame: , just came back couple of days ago... no time for taking pics yet)
  13. I bought an extra small luggage tag to put on my Saleya GM:


    Also, here's the one on my Pagase 60:

  14. I don't have a close-up, but here is mine. It's on the deauxville luggage tag. Now I am determined to get more things to be stamped!
  15. Here's mine! This is the luggage tag on my Deaville!
    08-21-06_0915 (Small).jpg