The HEART... what do you use it for?

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  1. I find the Violette heart the cutest thing ever but I am hesistant about purchasing it because of the small size and odd shape. What do you use it for and what can you put in there?
  2. You can basically only fit coins, folded papers, and other small credit cards. They are super cute, but I'm trying to stop myself from buying one since they aren't super functional to me. A lot of people use them as purse charms.
  3. They're not very functional, just cute. I want the gold and silver so bad, but I'm trying to be realistic about it. I had the white MC one and I used it for coins.
  4. you know all those little "key cards" you get for the health club, CVS, grocery store, etc? I put those in the heart purse and hang it on my bag. :smile:
  5. ^ oh that is a smart idea!! :tup:
  6. Bag Charm...which means I have 3 bag charms worth a thousand bucks. LOL
  7. I use my Pomme heart for a purse charm.
  8. I use it as a charm ... It can't really be used...
  9. I would use them for coins.
  10. a very expensive bag charm because i don't want to ruin it with coins
  11. i'm thinking I might put coins and dollar bills in them...
  12. i took a small wad of cash folded twice, a mini lipgloss from rimmel that is so tiny and cute, and the key clicker fob for my car in it.
  13. Bag charm.
  14. Mainly as bag charms - I wish they were a tiny big bigger and could fit credit cards and IDs - how cute would that be for a night out, hanging off of your jeans with your ID and a bit of cash. Ah well :shrugs:
  15. As cpster said..they are cute but not too functional.. i too am trying to stop myself from getting one.. I just think that I could save up the other half of that and buy a speedy!