The healthiest alcoholic beverages?

  1. i know it's none, but in reality we watch the playoffs with a bunch of friends & of course have drinks. I usually drink beer but am looking for a healthier alternative. I do not like wine at all.

    I was thinking vodka soda, but the calorie counter I looked at said 75 cal per.
    Even Bacardi & diet has less than that @ 69 cal per. Anything lower than that???
    Not that I'm having a ton of drinks but this can add up to a substantial amount of calories.......
  2. red wine??? I always feel healthier after I drink some... :biggrin:
  3. I think the lowest calorie option is going to be a white liquor with a no calorie mixer... like rum and diest coke, or vodka and diet soda, or something like that.
  4. i stick with bacardi diet with lime when im out and wine at home
  5. Watermelon or chocolate martinis

    I WISH!
  6. ^LMAO Jill

    My friend and I used to mix vodka or gin into those Sobe Lean drinks, the gin goes well into the peach tea one...and the vodka would be good in those grapefruit ones...
  7. I'm not sure if it's low in calories or healthy, but I tell myself that a glass or two of champagne can't be too bad! It certainly helps my mental health! :p
  8. ^ This is true. Clear liquids/liquors are less likely to give you hangovers too :yes:

    I usually drink vodka and diet tonic OR vodka, lots club soda and a splash of OJ (like a REALLY watered down screwdriver). What I do when I'm going out, is I order the mixer in a double glass and the shot separately and I mix it myself. That way I know exactly how much alcohol is in it and I won't get drunk or drink too many calories. My favorite drink is Patron Silver and diet tonic with a big lime wedge:wlae:
  9. I guess I'm doomed to have 70-75 calories per drink!! I'll have double the workout Saturday, try to compensate.
  10. LOL, I agree, in fact I am getting healthy right now! :p
  11. I had a trainer who would take Crystal Lite with her in her purse and order a vodka + soda and add the Crystal Lite. I think Grey Goose with soda and lime tastes good by itself though.
  12. I love my vodka. :p Try vodka and Diet Sprite/Diet Sierra Mist with lime in it, on the rocks. SO yummy!

    There's also Crown and Diet Coke, which is good too.
  13. Ooooh - I forgot about diet sprite! I think I will mix that with blueberry stoli, I love blueberry stoli - although I'm guessing the flavored vodkas aren't as low cal.
  14. ^^^ I just checked the daily plate & rasberry stoli = 60 cal per so I'm guessing blueberry is the same - YAY!
  15. The only thing I can think of is a diet soda w/whatever spirit, grapefruit juice with vodka or even tomato juice w/vodka. I know you said you don't like wine but there are literally hundreds to try, maybe you just haven't found one you like?