The Hayden Harnett sticky leather issue

  1. Both my Margot Kiss-Kiss and olive Mimi arrived really sticky-- so much so that white fibers from the dust bags were adhering to them. The chain and leather handles on the Mimi were stuck to the suede backside of the bag and left marks when I pulled it away.

    Has anyone found that waiting solves the problem? This was the advice I was given when I called HH to discuss the problem. Even if the stickiness goes away I don't think I can live with the marks on the Mimi... Very frustrating!:sad:
  2. I had the same problem with both bags (it was way worse on the Margot Kiss Kiss, and tolerable on the Mimi). I sent back the Mimi right away b/c i didn't care for the style, so i can't say if that gets better... but i held onto the Margot for a week or so and it got a tiny bit less sticky, but i think it was just b/c it acquired a layer of fuzz/dust. treesrgreen had better luck with hers i think when she played "mad scientist" with some of her lotions and potions :smile:

    i ended up very sadly sending back my Margot. even though mine got a hair less sticky, it still wasn't what i imagined as patent leather - not thick/glossy. very strange texture IMO but the woodgrain color was awesome.
  3. Did they offer to send you a shipping label? I had to ask for it. I really love HH, but was not terribly impressed with whoever I spoke to about the sticky bags.
  4. Hah- CS told me to wait 1 week too. Someone at work saw I was going to return it and gave me the money, she had not known about the sale (gaza hobo) She did not notice the stickiness so I did not point it out to her.
  5. That's awful. Is it just the patent leathers that are like this? I wonder if that's why they were marked down so much.
  6. So the CS (I'm assuming it was Salina) told you to use the bag for a week and supposedly the stickiness was going to go away? If it didn't, would you be able to return the bag? Even though you used it for a week???
  7. Is it just the patent that this is happening with. What about the leather on the Gaza?
  8. Same problem with my Mimi. I'm waiting to see if it gets better.
  9. Hi Idests

    I have had my margot kiss kiss sitting out for the past couple of weeks - and it has definitely improved. When it first arrived the lint from the dust bag was sticking to it (as did the underside of the handles as per some photos that were posted elsewhere). I have just rubbed it with my cashmere cardie - and no fluff attached. Having said that - there is still a bit of a 'tack' to it - although if it had arrived in this condition I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it. The design of the Kiss Kiss means that it does not bother me that much - because it is just a border.... I do adore this little purse - def a keeper (thanks JD for enabling.... 'you gave so that I could receive' and all that hokey pokey stuff!)

    I don't know if this is a result of my experimentation??? I rubbed some oil on it - and then I used an alcohol wipe and wiped the oil off. At the time the alcohol wipe made the leather sort of thin (pliant /flexible) and hmmmm sticky - but it dried off really well.

    I am not sure if all of the patent is like this Violawas. I have the ana in tweed which has black patent border - which I bought a couple of months ago - It appears to be a different thickness of leather - so that might be the difference? but it isn't in the least sticky.

    Good luck with your decision....
  10. Treesgreen, thanks for the description of how you've handled your stickiness problem (erm, I mean HH's stickiness prioblem!). Now I'm torn. The Mimi definitely has to go back, given that the suede has chain marks on it. But do I experiment with the Margot or just take a store credit for both, use my discount, and buy the Suki? Argh!

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  11. idests, my sister ordered two Mimis (one for her, the other for me), and when the bags arrived, she experienced the same problems you had with the white lint from the dustbag and straps sticking to the suede. the only exchange HH offered were the Mimis in brick, but we decided to return. CS said that the bags were inspected prior to shipping and were in good condition, but that the excessive heat may have affected the leather. if you really like the style but don't mind a different color, maybe you can ask to exchange for a Mimi in brick? now that it's much cooler outside, hopefully the weather won't alter the leather while in transit.
  12. I ended up exchanging my mimi olive for brick because i couldn't deal with the stickiness. My sister got it in olive and the stickiness doesn't bother her too much. I really wanted the olive, but I couldn't deal with the stickiness. The brick doesn't have those problems.
  13. I thought about that, but Brick isn't a color I that calls to me. I guess I'll just have to buy the Suki once I have a store credit. (What a nightmare! :yes:)

    I do wonder what happened with the patent? The leather on my other bags is of such high quality...