The Hawaii Chair [vid]

  1. What the hell?!?! :lol:
  2. They had this on the Ellen show yesterday. She made a couple of the audience members sit in them the entire show. I kind of feel bad for the seniors sitting in them. It's actually supposed to be a workout for your abs. I couldn't imagine working in an office with one though.
  3. i would totally fall off of that. that woman on the phone looks quite uncomfortrable.
  4. i like when theyre trying to type at a computer!! :lol:
  5. Just imagining a huge office full of people gyrating like this :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. LOL, there would be no more soup for lunch at my desk!
  7. I saw that on Ellen--she was so funny making fun of it! Can you imagine doing an office job sitting on one of those? I'd be cracking up and dropping things all day.
  8. okay...chiming in as someone who lives in Hawaii....

    hawaiichair? UM, NO!

    ...that's an almost bigger embarrassment linked to Hawaii than Dog the Bounty Hunter.:noggin:
  9. Oooh Vlad, is this a birthday hint ? :graucho:
  10. hmmmm
    how can u get anything done constantly moving...
  11. My lower back just screamed at me for even watching the video.

    Can we say OUCH!!!???

    Sure, if you are young, want to lose two pounds in your waist and don't get sea-sick, buy one. I cannot see anyone typing, answering phone ("Hhheeelllooo, Sooo and Sooo Eennntterppprrrissesss, hoooowww mmaaaayyy IIIIII hhheeellllp youuuuuuu???") or eating lunch (missing your mouth) while this thing is on.

    Ever get airplane legs? Where, after you land, your legs are still moving up and down? I can see this happening with your waist. Noooooo wayyyy!
  12. Why do I think this belongs in an S/M dungeon?

    And if you want to do something Hawaiian . . . . it's called hula lessons!