The Haul from Last Friday

  1. My most recent additions have arrived:



  2. To Die For!!!!! I love it all. Where did you get the Pink Shoulder bag??? I also ordered the med. makeup case in the watercolor. I thought it had arrived today, but no I was wrong. :sad: Hopefully soon! I went back and forth on the tote and decided to wait and see if I get a PCE and then I'll buy the tote. My only issue with the tote is how it zips and the openings on the sides...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it looks. what size tote is that one? I swear, it seems you and I have very similar taste! LOL
  3. Love the shoulder bag...glad it worked out for you!
  4. It is the larger of the 2 weekend bags. #10067

    I got the last shoulder bag out of Jacksonville. I am looking it over and trying to decide whther to keep it. I am seeing a tiny ball point pen mark on the outside bottom and either a red ball point pen mark or a dye mark on the top over the left front pocket. I might be just too picky.

    I am going to have to look closer later today after I get some sleep.
  5. Oh and the SA still doesn't know if the watercolor collection will include a wallet. Maybe they are going to see how it goes?
  6. bummer, I would love it in a small wallet. I'm not much of a wristlet gal. I hope they do make it.
  7. Ok, that would bug me too, I don't think you are too picky. It's what, a $400 bag? I would expect it to be perfect. Now, maybe with Coach moisturizer or cleaner, they'll come right out. But if not, I think I'd want a discount if I kept them. Though, the color is GORGEOUS!
  8. I like that Legacy shoulder bag!
    That's a really nice color.
  9. Oh wow! I just love the watercolor tote. I hope nothing is wrong with it. Are they not going to carry that tote or did they not make that many?
  10. It's the shoulder bag (the pink one) that has the 2 spots on it. The watercolor tote is fine.
  11. beautiful haul!

    can I ask a ginormo favor? Can you model the Watercolor Stripe bag? Would love to see how it "sits" on someone's shoulder (that's the same size as this one, right? Coach - HAMPTONS WEEKEND TOTE )
  12. Those are gorgeous!!! I love the color of the Legacy bag. I'm thinking about a wristlet in the watercolor but not sure yet until I see them in person. Thanks for posting your pics!
  13. love the pink legacy shoulder bag!
  14. LOVE everything!!!
  15. They might buff out over use, I think I heard mention that the scrathes disappear over time, etc...

    Aren't you not supposed to use the conditioner or cleaner on the legacy leather?... Argh, where did I hear that?? I might have just dreamt that up, but for some reason I had that in my head... Can anyone confirm or deny?:shrugs: