The Hardware thread.... PICS ONLY!!!!

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    This thread is for highlighting the various hardware options available for bags, accessories, etc. Please post photos of the hardware on your bags so that we can get some examples of the various hardware styles for reference. We also ask that you include the size, color, leather, and hardware as well (ie. 32cm Fuschia Chevre Kelly, PH)!

    Our goal is to get only one or two pictures of each type of hardware.

    This is a picture only thread.... NO CHATTER! Thank you!
  2. YES thank you jag.

    palladium Guilloche hardware

    hardware.JPG beigebox.JPG hardware1.jpg hardware2.jpg
  3. ruthenium vs palladium
  4. Stiree
    stireegold.jpg stireepalladium.jpg
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    BB HAC- RH
    BB Kelly- PH
    BB Kelly-Brass
    bbh-r1.jpg bbh-r2.jpg bbk-p.jpg BBK Brass.JPG
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    Noisette Vache Liegee GH
    Gold Vache Liegee HAC GH
    Vache Liegee Noisette-g.jpg vache liegee-g.jpg
  7. Rouge Box Kelly-PH
    Rouge Box VIF Birkin-GH
    Rouge Box-p.jpg rouge vif box-g.JPG
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    Gulliver Kelly (swift) GH
    Fjord HAC GH
    gulliver-g.JPG fjord-g.JPG fjord-g2.JPG
  9. Black Togo Kelly PH
    Rouge Clemence PH
    togo-p1.jpg togo-p2.JPG Clemence -p.jpg
  10. Veau Evergrain- RH
    Veau Gras/Toile GH
    veau evergrain-r1.JPG veau evergrain-r2.jpg veau gra toile-g.JPG
  11. Barenia Birkin 35cm Matte Pall Hardware can be called Brushed Pall Hardware
    043.JPG 044.JPG
  12. Touareg silver palladium belt buckle

  13. Steve messenger bag hardware is made from silver plated palladium.
    Buckle.jpg Bag.jpg
  14. Palladium



  15. Credits: Jamie Chua, socialite

    30 So Black Boxcalf Birkin w/black PVD HW