the Hardest bag to find...

  1. Ladies, I need some help here.

    After struggling for weeks to find a great RED leather handbag, I'm coming up short. I don't wanna spend hundreds so I'm not even sure this bag exists or whether I'm on a unicorn hunt. Sure, it would be nice to get my hands on a Balenciaga or a Chloe Paddington- but those are not within my budget.

    Anyone have suggestions for underrated, amazing quality leather handbags in a nice deep red? I've searched Nordstrom Rack and any online website I came across. My limit is probably $150. I am considering any brand, shape, size larger than a clutch.
  2. Check this was cute for $99

    BCBG Max Azria Large Shopper[​IMG]
  3. Tano Boogie Bucket in tango, $179:

    Fossil Top Zip Tote, $128:

    Maxx New York Room Service Tote, $125:

    Maxx New York Room Service satchel, $105:

    Any of those interesting to you?
  4. [​IMG]




    Both are leather by Liz Claiborne
  5. I'm bad at giving bag advice but I feel your pain on wanting a red bag! I saw that the Saks website has their resort 07 collections online now and Prada has put out a new Gauffre in red nappa- my dream bag color and leather!!


    Coach has a red leather Carly for about twice your budget if you could splurge?


    I'm no help... but I can empathize! Good luck on your hunt.
  6. I like the Tano Boogie bucket and the Maxx bag is cute too! Now it depends if your looking for a shoulder bag or something you want to carry in your hand.
  7. Wow these are all really great suggestions! Thank you gals SO much for taking time to help me on my hunt!! :woohoo: