The Hard Sided Luggage Club!

  1. I dont have any (yet) but what hard luggage do you guys have? Pics please? :yes:
  2. C'mon... Where is everybody?!?!? :s
  3. I wouldn't be expecting loads of people rushing - I can only think of a couple of members who have some :p
  4. i second this!! why hasnt it occured!
  5. But this stuff doesn't fit in either of the other two threads:
    before packingcrop.JPG Bisten 50.jpg
  6. The trunk used as a table look is to die for!!!!!
  7. Thanks, Ms M. It is too high for a coffee table, so I had to get creative.

    Also, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that there might be some life in this thread!

    I think this presentation is great too, and protects the trunk at the same time: (not my pic)
    best coffee table.jpg
  8. :faint::drool::drool: