The Happy Thoughts Thread

  1. Hey! I'm in need of some happy thoughts, so let's hear them! Scrunch your eyes closed and smile big. What's the happiest, most satisfying, most worry-less situation you can conjure up? :yes:

    All At Once: A crackling fire. Warm boots. Smooth legs, hair fresh from the stylist and nails newly manicured. A clean house. Unapologetically indulging in a crush. Drinking scotch and enjoying the hearty glow that comes of it. String instruments playing in the background.

    What's yours? :flowers: :beach:
  2. I'll riff off your glass of scotch (Lagavullin for me, please) and add a roaring fire, a rain storm oustide, my guy and my "girls" (two lovely large dogs) with some Chris Isaak playing on the stereo.

    I'm also wishing some happy thoughts to a friend that is need of that tonight :flowers:
  3. Hope you're feeling the clean house ;)

    Here's mine:
    A warm day, laying out by the pool, kids playing pleasantly in the background, dipping in the pool when ever I get too warm. Sipping on ice cold ice tea.
  4. Driving my parents' Acura to the movie theater (listening to some of my favorite cds on the sound system). It's a warm day, my sunnies are on and my hair's blowing in the wind.

    Going to the movie theatre, ordering a Large Diet Coke and large popcorn. Liberally covering the popcorn with sour cream and onion powder.

    Settling in the movie theatre (not empty, but not crowded enough so that my Louis has its own seat). Enjoying the popcorn, soda and movie.

    After the movies, driving over to Starbucks for an after movie coffee. (If it's hot, I'd get a grande with whipped no drizzle caramel light frappuccino. If it's chilly, I'd get a grande pumpkin spice latte.)

    After that, I'd drive to the gym, and have a great workout and then home for a bubble bath.
  5. Two come to mind--sitting on the beach listening to the ocean waves crashing. The other is a massage--my massage therapist is magical; I go into a "zone" when she works.:sleepy:
  6. When I'm on the elliptical trainer at the gym and a really good song comes on (Sandstorm by Darude for example) I get into the 'zone'!
  7. my favourite consignment is almost empty, as it is raining heavily outside.....I find a fabulous vintage Pucci something for under $100, and while checking out, spot a gorgeous designer handbag for OMG....$60!!! After paying for my purchases....I rush to my car, and drive through Starbucks...get my favourite drink....light up a cigarette....put a Pink Floyd CD in...and have a leisurely, unhurried drive home. Upon arrival, I find my kids, bathed, fed, and in their pajamas.... quietly putting together puzzles and NOT FIGHTING!!! My DH arrives home and had picked up P.F. Chang's on his way home from the office...we all snuggle up on the sofa, and watch a good movie, while happily munching on Chang's spicy chicken and lettuce wraps. Kids nod off while watching movie....and Dh says, " Honey, I know it has been a hard why don't you go relax and read a book while I carry our darling children up to bed." Perfect day...................
  8. Clean apartment and just happily making soap or staring at my bags. Or napping. I love to sleep.
  9. hot chocolate and brownies, a huge sofa, a warm blanket and lots of dvds and magazines :smile:
  10. Disneyworld and other Disney parks for a few weeks, with the family, with a nanny in tow (so DH and I can enjoy some "grown up" stuff too and the perfect weather, unlimited funds, and no crowds.
  11. Oh that put a smile on my face !
    calm night in : a warm bath, reading my favorite women magazine, a cup of coffee, some chocolate cookies, candles around.
    night out : laughing with my silly friends, having a strawberry daiquiri,feeling a bit tipsy, and the DJ plays "The Chemical Brothers" I rush to the dancefloor !
  12. beautiful sunny fall day, my love and I riding our mountain bike tandem on a quiet singletrack trail in the mountains around our home, with only the sound of the wind and the birds, and not seeing a single car the whole way.:love:
  13. One of my happiest thoughts (and memories) of all time was when I took a Caribbean cruise with a great friend during an immensely horrendously stressful time at work.

    Once I got to St. Maarten, on that cruise ship and on that side trip to go snorkeling I knew I was on my way. I strapped on my gear, dove off the stern of the catamaran in my bikini and WHAMMO I hit bathtub-warm, crystal clear blue water all around me. No other way to describe that feeling but pure BLISS. :wlae:
  14. Eating a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven. Makes me want to go make some right now! :yes:
  15. hmmm...let me think....

    I just give birth to two healty beautiful baby girls...twins....and I have them in my arms.....and I am looking at them trying to consume myself with every inch of their cute beautiful can tell I am dying to have babies......hope to be a mum soon.....