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  1. I got phone call from the store. And I decide not to take it. But SA insist me to come to store.
    After I saw 😱😍😍😍 I loved it !!! I really appreciate to my lovely SA.

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  2. Lovely!! What color is that ?
  3. :drool:
  4. Wow! a bi color bag , congrats!!!
  5. When I see receipt colour says 00
  6. Love it!! It's so gorgeous [emoji178]
  7. Thank you !! Horseshoe stamp on it :smile:

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  8. You got phone call from SA? Is the SO needs to be ordered for few months?
  9. Yes. i didn't know it was that special. I was waiting for rose japuir but I got choice between this and rose japuir.
  10. Beautiful!! Congrats! What's the name of the color? (New to Hermes [emoji17])

  11. It means the client who special ordered the bag declined it, so the store was able to offer it to other clients. I own a K that was a declined order. Congratulations, it's an extra special bag!

    Looks like rose Sakura
  12. OMG CONGRATS! You got sooooo lucky on this bag! Rose Sukura SO??? What is the interior? Please post pics of interior color.... looks like grey or light blue?
  13. Congratulations!!! Thats a very beautiful bag! Please post more pictures!!!😊😊😊
  14. Congrats
    This bag is divine
    Superb luck
  15. Wow! Very nice[emoji122]🏻[emoji122]🏻
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