The Happiest Baby on the Block

  1. Has anyone else read, "The Happiest Baby on the Block", by Dr. Harvey Karp?

    If so, what do you think of his techniques?

    I have tried a few of the 5 "S's". So far only 4 of them have worked on dd. For some reason she hates being swaddled.
  2. I received it as a gift when dd was born and will be reading it again before this next one arrives. Some of the techniques worked for us. I think that its probably different with every baby...some work, some don't. DD is 3 and a bad sleeper and so we're still using some of the S's to help soothe her when she wakes at night. We also bought the infant swing endorsed by Dr. Karp and it worked wonders with her when she was little enough to fit in it!
  3. I have the dvd. It worked very well for DD, but then again she isn't a difficult baby.
  4. I read the book before our baby arrived. Some of the S's worked, others didn't. I wished I tried to swaddle him more but he was big & long when he was born (9 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches) and we didn't have receiving blankets big enough to keep him swaddled. Months later, a mom of twins taught me the "super swaddle" which is suppose to prevent them from being able to wiggle out of the swaddle.

    Each baby is different, but its worth trying the S's.
  5. A friend of mine just gave me the DVD so I'm going to watch it while DS is napping and then report back once I use the techniques. I'm interested to see if any of them will work. :confused1:
  6. I watched the DVD and it helped a little. DD is 18 months now and she liked most of the S's during her first 2 months after birth. She resisted being swaddled at first, but I took a parenting class that said that although your baby might hate the process of swaddling, they will enjoy it after a few days. So I stuck with it and eventually DD loved swaddling. It also helped that I used a blanket called "The Miracle Blanket".....made the process of swaddling a lot easier and it stayed together very well.
  7. Oh and I forgot to mention....swinging was also very helpful. I used the Fisher Price Nature's Touch Baby Papasan cradle swing....worth it's weight in gold. DD fell asleep in it within 5 minutes of swinging from side to side, then I would transfer her to her crib after about she was in a deep sleep about half an hour. For naps I would just let her swing the whole time. This worked until she was about 6 months old, it was worth it.
  8. Ok, I watched the DVD. Some of the techniques worked for my DS such as the shushing, and the head jiggle..not much digging the swaddling. He fights me and punches his hands unbelievably strong he is!!!!!!

    Once I get the swaddling thing down then hopefully we'll be set. He likes the swing but only for about 5 min's. He's still a work in progress.
  9. I found the techniques to be a lifesaver, but the important thing is to do them all together at the same time. It is the combination that helps to recreate the experience and feeling of safety of being in the womb. I wish I had read this book earlier than I did! I also found that loud white noise helps like a hair dryer, vacuuming, kitchen fan, etc.

    When all else fails, put baby on the pillow right next to you. Most of them are out within minutes. I think the warmth and smell of you is very comforting to them.

    I also highly recommend the Fisher price soothing motions glider in addition to a bouncer and swing.
  10. Thanks for responding everyone.

    I have pretty much given up on swaddling dd. No matter how tight we swaddle she will sit there and struggle forever just to get a hand free. At first the kiddapotaums(sp?) swaddlers worked but eventually she found a way to wiggle a arm out. Dh and I started calling her Houdini.

    But I would have to say her favorite s is swinging. We have the fisher price swing n' glider. It works like a charm. We chose this one over other swings because it came with an adapter so you can plug it into the wall. I just couldn't see us buying new batteries every week.
  11. I don't have this book and don't really know much about it - but Julia's a pretty happy baby anyway, so...I dunno?
  12. I saw it with my very own eyes and it works! The hospital where I delivered my son had a class for new mothers before we were all discharged. The nurse teaching the course said the hospital's principal is based on this very same book...the 4 S's.

    Right when the class started, one of the mothers had a very cranky crying baby. The nurse then used the baby as an example to do all the 4 S's. I KID YOU NOT.. within 10 seconds, the crying baby was sound asleep in the nurse's arms.:jammin: