=[ the handles on my papillon are nasty

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  1. I'm trying apple cleaner and its not making any difference.

    My handles:

    rest of the vachetta:

    how much is it to get new straps/piping?
  2. I think u can replace them. But then, it wont match the patina leather on the bag below ... :Push:
  3. Hmmm.... wish I could help you out... but I agree with fannaticsydney... If you do decide change the straps, the straps would be a lot lighter than the rest of the leather trimmings...

    Good luck!
  4. agree:yes::yes:
  5. i think the replacement cost is around AU $150 depends on which bag and strap?

    i had my nolita handle replaced as it was scratched badly after a year (dont ask me why, my ring!!!!!) in singapore, and it cost around SG $168 something and it took 30-60 days depends on the local craftmanship which lv depends on or using
  6. You could always get the handles replaced and then try to speed up the patina process on them...