The handle on the Wine Nikki or All Nikkis

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  1. I just got my BEAUTIFUL wine nikki and I have a quick question that I haven't seen posted elsewhere.

    Since I know many of you have a wine nikki -- (mine is brand new) and I'm wondering if this is the same with all nikkis..... if you lay the bag completely flat on one side, does the handle fit across the top?

    Or to make the handle lie flat, do you have to kind of the bend the top corners in? I hope this quesition makes sense.... On many of the pics I've seen posted, it looks like the handle goes all the way across. But it could be the angle or that mine is not broken in yet....??
  2. The strap on the nikki is purposely shorter than the actual width of the bag! The fact that the strap doesn't completely flatten out is what causes the SLOUCH on the bag! Thats why Rebecca didn't want to make the strap longer on the Nikki as it was brought up in the past, because a longer strap means less slouch, KWIM?

    Thats particularly the reason the mini nikki doesn't slouch as much because the strap still fits over the shoulder.
  3. ok! Just checking - I figured that was the deal, but I had a nikki a while back and I THOUGHT I remembered that the handle went all the way across.... but it probably didn't; it was just broken in more and had all the slouch built in! I have already hung my nikki with several cans inside to help break her in!!
  4. i just got my wine too and understand why you ask. my other nikki (a seagreen) also has the shorter strap with the classic slouchy bunchiness of the top of the bag, but i get the sense that this new wine nikki batch has some extra wideness @ the top of the bag. it may just be that the leather is slightly different in texture and drape, but i'm getting more bunch and slouch, if that makes any sense at all.
  5. that's exactly what I'm talking about! It just seems like the bunching is much more on the wine! I'm not complaining - just wanted to make sure it was "supposed" to be like that!
  6. I had the same exact thoughts questions running thru my head when I first got my wine nikki.. totally understand!
  7. hmm i wish i knew what you were talking about, but i don't because i just recieved my FIRST nikki (wine) i have nothing else to compare to lol
  8. none of my Nikki's have that extra bunching except for my Wine, too!

    I don't like the extra bunchiness, but... I still like the color. :\