The handbag in your collection that you use MOST

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  1. Since there is a thread on the least used handbag, I figure it would be fun to start a thread on the most used handbag. Please share~ I have a sneaky suspicision that it will be a LV monogram speedy.. :smile:

    For me, it's my Lv Monogram Mat Shelton.. i love it.. it goes with everything..
  2. Yes, you're right it is my LV mono speedy 30. :biggrin:
  3. *LOL* You're definitely right! For me it's a tie between my LV mono Speedy 25 and my Marc Jacobs Sophia.
  4. My Fendi Spy with Sequins-it's my attraction to bright shiny objects!
  5. I use my Manhattan PM and the damier Papillon 26 the most.
  6. LV damier papillon 26 :biggrin:
  7. Right now it is the LV Batignoles Vertical. Just love it!!
  8. Right now it's still the Celine Verdine with the Celine Bermuda Boogie a close second.
  9. My LV mono. speedy 30.
  10. Balenciaga cornflower City and rouge Twiggy
  11. probably my IF audra, only b/c i don't have a speedy yet, but am getting one in june, so my answer will probably change soon
  12. haha. this is fun. first least used, now most used.
    for now, i'd say my red YSL kahala leather tote in small. :love: it...
  13. Right now it's my Speedy 35.
  14. For day, my MJ Blake in black. For night, my Gucci horsebit convertible clutch.
  15. Right now its my Black Balenciaga City
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