The Handbag High

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  1. As an accessories junkie I get a high when buying a new item. Does anyone else find that the high isn't quite as good when buying online as opposed to buying in a store?
  2. It depends. If I buy online from Ebay, like my little Chanel bag, I get a huge high from winning the auction. I do a little dance while still seated in my office chair, it's highly attractive.
  3. I am getting used to purchasing online. I love the wait and have everything gift wrapped!
  4. I'm with you there - I think it's because you get to walk out of the store with the coveted item all fresh and new and in a pretty shopping bag - all the way home, I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!!
  5. You're right Suzy. It's something about walking around with that bag in your hand. Also the curiousity others might feel about what is in it. I know that when I'm at the mall and I see a girl with a Gucci or LV shopping bag I want to know what she got. It's like you have a secret in that bag. laughs
  6. Definitely!! I was so excited when I got my first Louis Vuitton for the whole day I kept thinking about and examining my beautiful little bag!! loll. if I order one online though I'd be really excited when I rip the package open. :love:
  7. i do. it's the waiting that brings the high down for me. after i receive i'm like "oh, okay. it's beautiful and i love it but the excitement's just not there".
  8. Definitely not as good online.. but the deals online make it worth my while since there's more highs to be had ! ;)
  9. sometimes when i buy handbags online the excitement is even higher because you have all the anticipation waiting for it to arrive! except if i buy on ebay because most of the time i'm worried i wont get an authentic
  10. For me its definitely better at the boutiques, I love my SAs! :biggrin: Some more than others of course :love:
  11. speaking of that..what is the news with him?? :biggrin:

  12. i like going to the store.
  13. yeah i love buying stuff at the stores...but since i know i can find it with a code online (most of the stuff) i feel guilty buying it in stores
  14. I love to buy them in the stores, but I get high no matter where I buy the items from!
  15. I was just thinking about this the other day after I ordered a bag online. It's just not the same as making an outing of buying a new bag in the shop. Going to the shop....chatting with the SA...carrying the shopping bag with your lovely new purchase tucked inside...stopping for coffee or lunch and peeking in the bag....

    Kind of silly perhaps, but I love making a little event out of it.