The Handbag Diaries


Ban island escape artist
Oct 25, 2023
Now that I am on ban island again (and rightfully so 💸), I figure I'd revisit my handbag and luxe journey to discourage myself from another escapade

I hope y'all enjoy these pics as much as I do taking them~

This is also my first time making a thread here, so please excuse any issues/technical difficulties
It's only fair to begin with the bag that started it all:

Louis Vuitton Sperone BB in Damier Azur canvas

I saw this bag on someone at a boba tea shop, and it lived rent-free in my mind for a while. Then, on my first trip to Paris several months later, I decided to ask about it at the store there. That was actually only my second time in a high fashion store 🤯

Lo and behold, they had one in stock, so I bought it immediately, and I have enjoyed it ever since. I eventually picked up a matching Victorine wallet, too

This was my most valuable possession, until..