The Hamptons

  1. My friend and I will attend the Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge. Any ideas about what to wear and specifically which bag to take? Is it a more casual event or do I have to dress like VB to make an entrance or Pretty Woman? Specifically, which Hermes bag would be fit for a polo match?
  2. Which bags do you have that you could take?
  3. Hmm...I haven't been to the Polo match before, but I think my step-sister has been. Do you want me to ask her? Generally, the Hamptons is more dressed-down (think beach casual) than the city. But over the past 10 years, as it's gotten more shi-shi (sp? :shrugs:), I've started to see more and more people dressing up to go out. Personally, I always like to be slightly underdressed, but I'm just weird that way :upsidedown:.
  4. I would google last year's event on Wireimage so you can see actual photos of what everyone was wearing. By the way, I"ll be in East Hampton starting August 8!
  5. That's a great idea to use wireimage! I was thinking about the outfit first then adding and an Hermes bag. I would need to look around first in my closet. I did buy a nice Prada dress in cobalt blue maybe I can wear that or maybe it's more of a Ralph Lauren event. I'm unsure since I've never been to a polo match. Abbyroad do ask your sister about the event. I'm not sure if its all decked out or beach casual. Of course, I plan to add an Hermes bag. I don't personally own any Hermes bags myself but my friend is a collector and I would borrow hers since I did give her a Chanel for Christmas. LOL;)
  6. Ralph Lauren's new store has taken over Main Street in EH and a lot of charity events are held there.
  7. I recall pics on the New York Social Diary that showed ladies wearing pretty day/sun dresses. A Garden Party bag or Kelly would be great! They were wearing hats also as I recall. Go take a look at the site and you can find last year's pics.
  8. I was going to mention that exact website Grace!
  9. Thank you gracekelly and coldplaylover. Now, I have to look at my friend's Hermes swag and I'll let you know. She does have a beautiful ostrich kelly. Mmmm...