The Hamptons Sig flap satchel...anyone have one?

  1. Well, I tried to copy the link, or paste the link??, sorry!! Edit, I think I figured it out!!
  2. I dont have it but I've seen it IRL and I absolutely LOVE it. Its georgeous!
  3. ^^Thank you for responding! I have to go see it IRL, I was looking for something that could hold a decent amount but still looked neat/ladylike for when I am dressed up.
  4. This would definetely be the bag for that:yes:
  5. Well, I went to Coach today and the bag is really pretty, oh and it has pink lilac lining! I had to order it because they only had the floor model and two people before me put their things into it to try it out (not that there is anything wrong with that but I figured I could wait the few days and get a new one). It is very cool looking in person and the other colours were nice also, a lady bought the red one in line before me. I almost thought I should be daring and get the red but in the end I lost my nerve. Plus the brown had the pink lining and that sold me. I wanted a brown monkey charm but it's sold out:smile:; my husband and I call out kids "the little monkeys" so that would have been cute.
  6. I tried this bag on today at Coach, also. LOVED IT!! I really wanted the red. So beautiful...It fit really well on the shoulder. I thought it was more comfortable than the other Hamptons similar in looks. I just couldn't afford everything, but it's a great bag!!:drool:
  7. It looks great on teh website. I'm dying for a red bag. I have seen the Hamptons leather signature medium carryall in person, and I noticed that the leather flap and handles are significantly darker than the signature leather on the bag. I was kind of turned off by that. Is the bag you got the same way or is the leather a consistent color throughout?

  8. ^^I got the Mahogony but it is being sent...It didn't strike me as being very off or looking odd in person..ok I just checked the Coach site and the Hamptons carryall in red does look like the body of the bag is lighter than the trim, but on the flap satchel it is the same colour red :shrugs:. The mahogony is all the same in the pics. I'll let you know when I get it.
  9. ^Thanks. I saw the mahogony medium carryall in person, and you're right, the color is all the same. It's a gorgous color of leather, I'm seriously considering it for my PCE choice. Can't wait to see your pics!!
  10. I like it but the snaps on the side bug me.