The Hampster finally

  1. Sorry ladies/Gents is been a long week and I so sorry for being so late in posting "The Hampster"

    I really like this handbag especially the interior. The PM is just the right size for me and is more of a tote which is fine with me. The MM and GM's do have adjustable straps and are shoulder bags but way to huge for me.
    Hampster Bag.JPG
  2. I'm going to see this bag looks really cute in the picture. I LOVE the size of the bag!!!!
  3. pretty!
  4. Conrgats, she is gorgeous!
  5. oooh nice...congrats!
  6. So pretty!!! definitely on my wishlist :heart:

    i wish it will come in azur too!!
  7. congrats!!!:biggrin:
  8. FAB!!! Congrats!!!
  9. YAY Hampster!! can we see more pics? Inside? modelling? TIA
  10. Love it and will get the mm...but have to wait a little while:popcorn: ...getting more impatient every day. Could you model it, please?
  11. Oh, I cant wait until you are able to get it. I really wish I could model it, but with the lurkers on this board and the internet, I am just not comfortable. I hope you understand...:heart:
  12. I love your Hampster, amamxr! Congrats!:flowers:
  13. Sure I understand:yes: and your bag is soooo beautiful, I hope you are able to wear and enjoy it over the weekend! But isn`t it wonderful that one has not to worry about vachetta with this one! All this waiting for a real every day back is worth it!:nuts:
  14. i adore it! lovely! :love: can't wait to see this bag IRL. what a great way to end the week!:yes: wear her in the very best of health!:flowers:
  15. Omg, I love!!!