The Hampstead HAS ARRIVED!!!

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  1. This is hands down the new “IT” Bag!! It’s a perfect crossbody or even has a top handle for a more formal look! It comes in two sizes and multiple different colors!!

    IMG_1541101499.011382.jpg IMG_1541101542.288029.jpg
  2. It's beautiful, particularly the pale blue.
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  3. oooo, love it in white!
    Which size is this, plz?
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  4. The white is the large size:smile: it’s really the perfect size that’ll accommodate a small umbrella, full sized wallet, sunglasses, and a cosmetics pouch!!

    I work out of the SoHo Boutique and all of my coworkers are obsessed with the white one!
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  5. I like the look of the smaller one
  6. I saw them in the SoHo boutique this week. Lovely indeed. So many nice bags there.
  7. I can't find a large white Hampstead on Mulberry website. I only find a white labeled as small. Is a large in white only available in boutiques?
  8. What do you think about the durability of the small classic grain vs. silky calf? Also is the red clay a particularly orange-colored tan or is it more neutral/brown? Thanks in advance!
  9. Could someone with the larger hampstead tell me what fits inside? I have a full size wallet, a toiletry 19 and LV cosmetic pouch and am concerned all won't fit.
  10. I was never obsessed with these bucket bags, but those look really great - looking forward to seeing them in more colors very soon !!! Thanks for the information ....
  11. Do you know if the larger size will be available in a brown/tan/clay grained leather at some point? I’ve been looking for a brown/neutral coloured bucket bag and this would be perfect!