The HAC - A Question Based on Fashion Pub Articles

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  1. Hi all!!

    As dorky as this may sound...I have a scrapbook that I keep Hermes articles/pictures in and I was taking a look at it and found something interesting regarding the HAC. And, it's something I would have never paid attention to if it weren't for this group, so thank you!! :tup:

    I apologize if this has been discussed, but I didn't see anything in the HAC threads...


    From Bazaar (sorry, can't find a date): " The Kelly: First called the Haut a Courroie, what's now known as the Kelly was launched in the 1930s...."

    From the same article, there is a list of H bags...Haut a Courroie is listed

    Clipped from another fashion mag (maybe Elle): "Haut a Courrole" :confused1:

    ********************** question is, is it Haut a Courroie OR Haut a Courroies (or is the "s" just plural, like I own 5 HACs)

    I have seen so many spellings, I just want to get it right. And...was the Kelly previously named HAC? I thought it was the Birkin? (i.e. the HAC redesigned/renamed for Jane Birkin).

    Also, it seems to me that the HAC is becoming a more popular bag. For years I have always seen the Birkin/Kelly in magazines...but the HAC, not so much. If this is a new resurgence, why do you think that's happening?

    Thanks for any help/knowledge! I am waiting to fill my brain with H HAC knowledge!! :yahoo:
  2. Great questions !! I would also like to know the answers since I own a HAC.
  3. Same here. :yes:
  4. I remember learning the HAC was redesigned for Jane Birkin after she made comments about the handles and other associated issues.
  5. Bump!

    Would love to know as well...
  6. I've seen this too especially about the part of the pre-kelly name. It was in a book on handbags.
    Where's our experts??!!
  7. It was the HAC that was redesigned for Jane Birkin, not the Kelly. But most fashion mags can't seem to get those straight.

    The Kelly, created in 1930 and adopted by Princess Grace in 1956 (and officially named the Kelly Bag in 1959), used to be called something unexciting but descriptive, but it wasn't an haut a courroies. Only the fastener of the kelly was taken from the HAC.
  8. I know nothing, but I'll try to remember to ask this week!

    I think it's becoming more popular because of the in between sizes it comes in, it's so freaking flattering, and that square turnlock is just the coolest! Oh, and it's also because of rockerchic! Once a celebrity wears something, you know what happens...
  9. The Kelly was originally known as the "petit sac haut a courroies". In fact, that's still it's name, but everyone just calls it the Kelly, thesedays.
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::heart:

  11. Thankyou GF for that info, I didnt know

    As a kelly addict who has no desire for a birkin, the HAC, would be the only one that would tempt me away from the petit sac haut a courroies


  12. 100% true.

  13. LOL - we're kindred spirits, ardneish!
  14. HAC for me as well, neishie and GF!
  15. that's a good question! i'm not sure...but i too have a scrapbook of sorts, so i'll join you in "dorkdom" ;)