The H Santa's been FANTASTIC to me tis week!! OMG I can't believe I got tis?!!

May 4, 2006
Here's my little story..

Regular H TPFers who's been on this forum these few days would know I scored a gorgeous Rose Dragee 32cm Kelly in Swift..and I thought 'Lucky me'..

Today I was out shopping with DH, with the intention of buying our X'mas presents and after spending 1hr at Chanel, we decided to pop over to Hermes as I had wanted to show him a scarf. Lo and behold.. guess what I saw on the shelf??? :nuts::nuts: I thought I had gone H crazy and am seeing imaginary items, but there it was, sitting right up there..OMG :wtf:

The SA must have seen me :drool: over it and told me that although it's on hold for 20mins, I can have a closer look if I wished. Well of cos I took up the offer and it was gorgeous! I told the SA that if the lady didn't turn up when her time's up, I'll take it. At that time, I knew my chances were low. I mean, who would pass on tis?? Just as I was going to give her my mobile no., another SA came over and told my SA the bag's no longer on hold!! That means...... I CAN BUY IT!!:yahoo:

Start making your guesses!
HINT: Elegant, chic and simply fantastic!:P

Photos coming up! :tup: