The H&M Modeling Thread!

  1. We are finally getting an H&M this Fall in Portland...I'm excited! Its taking forever for them to get it all wrapped up and open~
  2. i got this top...i really like the pleather part at the collar.

  3. Where? Is it in downtown Portland? I live in Portland too!
  4. ^ Yep! Its going in where Saks used to be downtown...;)
  5. I recently picked up this leopard poncho and am debating whether or not to keep it. It's super soft, and I'm into leopard print right now, but do you think it's too much leopard?


  6. kelbell35 i love that top, i think you wear it really well. great figure :biggrin:
  7. kelbell -- i think it's a great top!
  8. Thank you, platinum_girly and linhhhuynh :flowers: I didn't have any friends to go shopping with the other day, so I went by myself and didn't have any other opinions on what I was trying on and buying. And believe me, my boyfriend is no help at all lol
  9. I think it looks great on you.
  10. Mia your posts make me want to go shop!! I actually went into H&M yesterday but I was totally overwhelmed because it seemed like there were a million people in the store. I wandered around for 2 minutes and then I had to walk ou t:weird:
  11. Kelbell and juneping - your tops looks great on you guys :tup:
  12. Kelbell35, I love the leopard top! I'm gonna go in store tomorrow and see if they have it in stock :smile: Are these clothes for the fall/winter collection?
  13. Ive done that several times ...that store can be overwhelming with a lot of people in it! Such cute stuff, Ive been 3 times in the past 2 weeks and see different items each time. ;);)
  14. ^^their turn around time is about 2 weeks.
    depends on the items you want...some last for over a month and some disappeared over just the weekend.
    their black opaque stockings are very good. i was so impressed.
  15. juneping - is this how they operate year-round: items coming in continually, rather than seasonally?