The H&M Modeling Thread!

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  1. #1 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    I just got back from H&M and thought I'd share my haul with you! If you have an H&M near you or can order online, run, DON'T walk to the store. They have so much killer stuff in.


    Frilly tunic: $34.95
    Pleather leggings: $34.95
    Vest: Marciano
    Shoes: Matiko "Kiki" wedges


    Olive ruffle tunic: $24.95
    Black sweater vest
    Pleather Leggings: $34.95
    Shoes: Tashkent By Cheyenne "Cole" Platforms


    Same outfit w/ Green jeggings: $12.95
    Stuart Weitzman "Apron" clogs
  2. Sorry for the weird lighting's too darn hot outside to open the shades. :nogood:


    Pleather dress: $24.95!!!!!!!! It's so well made, I can't even….. So amazing.
    Shoes: Matiko "Kiki" wedges

    Probably my favorite outfit:


    Dress: $34.95
    Socks: Sock Dreams Thigh Highs
    Shoes: Stuart Weitzman "Apron" clogs

    Keep checking back! I have tons more but I had to take a dress-up break!
    Please feel free to share all your H&M goodies!!
  3. wow wow wow :nuts:. I was just at H&M today and bought a sheer leopard maxi dress. I saw that pleather dress but was unsure about it...seeing you wearing that dress makes me wanna go back and try the dress on. Thanks cuz you also convinced me on the pleather leggings. One question though, the pleather they breathe? I mean is it hot to wear on a regular day or only for cool nights? Anyway, you look fab. Thanks for starting this thread :yahoo:.
  4. Thank you! :flowers:

    Ooo sheer leopard maxi dress?!?! :faint: I did NOT see that one! Can you take a pic and share with us? I've been to H&M twice just this week alone. I'm not opposed to going again!

    You seriously should go back tomorrow and try out the pleather dress, it is amazing. Seriously. have to go.

    I haven't had the chance to wear my pleather leggings out yet since it's still in the high 90s here. I've worn them trudging up and down our double set of stairs in the house (I take the pics downstairs :sweatdrop:) and they've been perfectly fine. If you're wearing them in a club and dancing I'd say they probably won't breathe but if you wear them to dinner or a party they'd be great! Size down too...H&M said they stretch a little. You want them to be nice and tight. :yes:
  5. nice thread. i'm just lucky that where I live they open no one HM but two stores. Yeah they carry fun clothes.
  6. Mia Bella - I honestly think I love all your shoes and all your style choices!! :roflmfao: So many great finds!! Still loving those Matiko wedges.
  7. Mia Bella ~ I think H&M should hire you to be their super model!!! You look wonderfully chic in these killer outfits!!! .... and the shoes... to die for....
  8. Oooh, thank you! The Kiki wedges are back in stock at Moxsie...I still have that awesome 25% off code if you're interested. :graucho:

    Aww thank you, tonkamama. You're too sweet! :flowers:
  9. wow! you look great. I have 5 h&m stores along my route to work. I've been shopping there since they opened their doors in nyc in '00. I have a lot of pics of myself in h&m clothing that I'll post in this thread.
    I love this skirt- I also have it in pink
  10. WOW great thread! I have quite a few pieces from H&M but only one with pics on comp, will take more soon though :biggrin:

    Skirt, £14.99:

    Attached Files:

  11. I absolutely LOVE that olive ruffle tunic... its something I wouldn't have looked twice at in the store but its so much prettier on you! I definitely have to go find it.
  12. Mia Bella you look so amazing with all your purchases! i need to try and dress more chic... i am a bit lazy :P

    talldrnk & platinum_girly you guys look fabulous!
  13. OP - you look your long straight legs.
  14. love all your outfits OP!
  15. Mia Bella! You looks like a model!. holy cow! gorg legs!!!!!. I love H&M Trend line. Got lots of cute things recently, no pics yet. these coats: Navy wool $99 [​IMG]. Got this style, but in army green $129 [​IMG] [​IMG]