The H Invitation came ...

  1. I can't describe the feeling, maybe when it sinks in, I'd be better equipped to make an assessment. I have an invitation to attend the reopening event. I'm not sure if I will be attending yet.

    Please let me know who else is going while I'm trying to make up my mind if I am able to go or not. If lots of tPFERs are going to make it, maybe I'll make the trip and can plan to meet.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Congratulations, how exciting!
  3. Congrats, AirMess!! You should definitely attend. :smile:
  4. Airmess. Yes I am going. Are you talking about the one on 24th Oct? :p
  5. Thanks, Nola & Kelly_Birkin.

    ILML, the card says the party starts on the 23 Oct to the 24 Oct, it's a 24 hour party. I guess it goes with the address, 24 Faubourg :p. Are you really going to be there 24 hours? Not really a party animal anymore. :upsidedown: Are you going with all your friends? I have a white invite with a 3D effect, so cute. Philippe Dumas did the illustration.
  6. Ooo! WOW! Definitely go!!
  7. ^haha, frenchiefan, logistics is gonna be a slight problem, it's a weekday event.
  8. How fun!! Please go and tell us all about it!
  9. ^ You know, I hate going to events and not know anyone and stand there like a dummy. It would be better if the invite stated 'Please bring along all your tPFER friends' :p
  10. Is it an invitation for one only or can you at least take a partner/friend?
  11. ^ The invite is for 2 persons. I sms DH but he is too busy to think about it, all he could say was 'Ok, book your tickets'. I don't think he will tag along, he dislikes staying in any store for a long period of time. So, I can bring a friend. :yes:
  12. AirMess: I think you should go! You'll never know what you'll find. I'm sure the store will have some limited edition goodies for the store re-opening.
  13. Where is your location? :graucho:
  14. Air mess you should definitely go... reopenings are so much fun! You will also get to see all kinds of goodies that they take out from the back just for the event
  15. Oh, that makes all the difference, just take a shopping buddy along, it will be so much fun!!