The H fairy visited me and brought a BIG box!

  1. OMG Did I mention it was a BIG box!?!? LoL

    A little background first: DH and I separately took on a few more projects at work, and a few more together at home, not remembering there's only about 24 hours of work actually possible in a single day. We have been working like mad, getting a lot done but kinda doing the whole "ships passing in the night" thing, sometimes barely seeing each other. Even the projects we're doing together have been getting done a lot by email - wild, huh? Living together but sending emails to conference on project details :rolleyes:

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnyhoo, the first phase for most of it is done, and we knew we were gonna have some real time together for the first time in weeks yesterday. We could always be working of course, but we "took a day or two off" to see each other! :heart: He had to run out in the morning for a breakfast apt (I slept in, just fabulous) and when I got up he said we'd have to switch the plans so he could take me out for some fresh air and then lunch. I bounded downstairs already super happy and saw a HUGE orange telltale bag in the passenger seat of the car, and a HUGE grin on DH's face. OMG!!! :wtf:

    ps I ran upstairs tout de suite cause no one can open an H bag and box in the car!!! :yahoo:
  2. This is great. What a great DH
  3. OMG!!!!!!! What a sweet DH!!!!

    Open her up!!!
  4. I am dying to hear what was in it!!!!
  5. So sweet!!! Now let's see what's inside.
  6. I'm afraid this won't, and can't be a long strip! :graucho: I simply don't have the patience! LoL I'm a wrapping paper "RIPPER", not "neatly folder"...

    DH has gone with me to visit the stores, and has clearly been listening, because, well, he went back :p
  7. Angelfish - what a super DH :heart:



  8. Angelfish ~ I'm thrilled for you and cannot wait to see what your darling DH picked out for you!
  9. I was JUST like a little kid on her birthday. Thank GOD there wasn't a card, I would have missed it entirely in my mission to rip through that paper and see what he got me! I've had such an H itch lately, but the funny thing is, I NEVER said so. We've been swamped, and the last thing we'd have time to do is go to a store. They're all hours away from us.

    I had NO idea when he could have went... :confused1: ....
  10. wow-you are a lucky dh wouldnt got into a store to pick me out a present if he was told it would be free!
  11. Ooooooh - I love this reveal. He's so thoughful.
  12. What a wonderful husband and a good listener:graucho:
  13. Oh yeah! I could open big orange boxes almost anywhere!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Hey gals, thank you! Oh and SUS omigosh...

    I took a deep breath befor I opened the dustbag. I looked at DH and said I can't beleive... how did you actually went... and man, I was trying hard not to cry.

    DH smiled his wicked "I did something really good" grin and said he went and saw my S.A.!!! :wtf: What?? You did? Sneaky S.A. neverrrr told me.

    So I returned to my mission... opened up the dustbag.... and wow. My DH is a psychic.
  15. Wow the fact that H is hours away makes him even more special