The guys that own multicolore accessories/bags...


Feb 23, 2007
I love it. You wear it well. :tup:Funny thing is I am a straight female who has a black MC and have wondered if the black is a bit masuline! I get tons of compliments on it though. You look great. Never sweat ignorant, closeminded fools. Sad that some feel threatened by what they dont understand. You look confident and happy. More than I can say for alot of people I know!:yes:Be fierce & enjoy:yes:


Aug 17, 2006
i love it. i like it best with the sides totally open though. i never was a fan of the little buttons. congrats. it's an awesome bag. don't forget to appleguard that vachetta!!

Oct 8, 2007
Aww thank you sweetie. That definitely made me feel a lot better. This thread has gotten a lot of attention. I didn't expect that at all... wow... :smile: That makes me feel better too. You are right. It all depends on how comfortable you are with a lot of attention. I think the MC and the Miroir line are kind of a like in that aspect. People will stare at you with either of the two... I think. I am going to do some modeling pictures real soon. I am excited. I wish it was summer time. I don't really want to carry it out now since it's going to be winter soon. :sad:

How's your MC speedy? What color did you get it in? I know you are loving it. I was actually considering that over the Aurelia, but I already have a Speedy... but we'll see... I think I will get the Pochette very soon and carry that out and see how comfortable I am with that. :smile:
hey!! i really like your modelling pictures! I must say that you pulled off the bag very nicely.. and maybe because of the size, it looks more masculine than i expected. I love it!! :tup:

i got my MC speedy in black.. just because im a klutz and here in Canada we have really cold winters so I thought black is more of a year-round bag whereas white is more spring/summerish.. I really like the white though, hopefully i can own another piece in white in the future. I love my bag.. the only thing is that i find it a little heavy relative to other speedies of the same size due to the hardware, and i keep banging/scratching the metal corners of the bag :sad: Overall, I really enjoy my bag!! its very versatile.... I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine :smile:

lovelovelove your bag... have fun with it!
Aug 9, 2006
As a guy, i don't really do the big flashy logos very much. I have a black multi ipod case, and am kind of eyeing the wapity. but for bags i choose things that are more subtle. but i think if you love then rock it! and **** what everyone else thinks, especially because most of the people who will trash you, won't have any taste at all!:tup:

LV Diva

Apr 21, 2007
You ROCK that bag OnMyMiNd04! :supacool:

Honestly, who gives a hoot about what people think when you carry that GORGEOUS bag.

If you love it then flaunt it honey!

Handsome fellow + fab MC bag on his arm = PERFECTION :okay:

If anybody gives you any negativity, you just let me know and I will fly from TEXAS to MASSACHUSETTS and teach them to not mess with a fellow tPFer. :bagslap:

*HeHe* :P
Nov 20, 2009
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So... I took some pictures of me with the Aurelia. They aren't good at all... but they're something...

I am VERY unshaven... but I am going to be that way for a few weeks to help my skin. :smile:

Thanks for all the replies... this has been an awesome thread... :smile:
Wow, the MC looks good either on guys or ladies! Love the black MC on you!


Call me Kenny.
May 2, 2006
London, England
I have a Multicoloure Wapity in Black. I use it inside my bag and when I am travelling light then I'll just use it as a wristlet or attached to my jeans.