The guys that own multicolore accessories/bags...

  1. I just want to know what you all think of the gay men that buy multicolore bags/accessories. I just bought my first today and even though it's a gorgeous bag, I am a little scared of bringing it out in the public. I know I shouldn't be... but I am. I guess I am lacking in the courage department. I wouldn't really feel weird in a big city, but being that I live in a suburb where there's probably no more than 30 gay guys, I feel weird. :sad:
  2. Hello. I am a straight female and I hope that you don't mind that I wanted to answer your question. If you have worked hard for the money you used to afford this MC bag then, WEAR IT! It is always a good idea to be mindful of your surroundings no matter who one is. For example, as a female, I am always looking over my shoulder when I'm walking alone, I try to hold my bag very tight and keep it close to me, and I always walk with PURPOSE to deter anyone who might want to grab my bag...or grab me. Perhaps, since your townsmen might not think so fondly of a man carrying a bag, it's just good to be aware of those areas when walking through them---BUT STILL CARRY IT and THE HECK WITH PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE IT!!
    Be proud of your bag. Be proud of yourself for earning that bag. There will always be SOMETHING about us that other people don't care for and it might as well be something stylish and fabulous that makes them stare!
  3. What did you get?? really curious
    I really want a rift in black multicolore but I am not sure I'll ever get it...
  4. Unless there is a chance that you're safety is threatened by wearing the bag, definitely wear it!! What exactly is it, btw?
  5. I got the huge Aurelia GM Noir lol... it's really big.

    DooneyDiva: Thank you for taking the time to reply to my thread. I guess it's really disconcerting sometimes thinking about the outside world. As individuals we shouldn't have to worry about what others will think of us. I don't think many of us do, until something is pointed out to us and then we start to panic. I am glad you have the courage to wear your bag alone. It can be pretty scary. Sometimes I walk to the store at like 2 AM with a bag with ear phones on lol... and I am always thinking about the mugger or basher who may be around the corner. UGH... life is really a b**tch, but we just have to be strong I guess... right?
  6. Yikes. I try not to be out alone at 2am. Anyway, I'm always getting stares for one reason or another but that's just what happens when you're practically a supermodel (hehe j/k with the overly arrogant attitude). Seriously though, do what makes you feel good. You KNOW once you get it you'll be like, "OMG...I'm wearing this everywhere--even in the shower!"
  7. the aurelia? pretty bag
    I would personally not wear it, but if u love it ;) rock it
  8. Haha Dooney.. I LOVE the attitude girl, KEEP IT! haha... yes... I will definitely rock it. Maybe when I go to Boston this weekend... who knows? :smile:
  9. Would love to see modeling photos.. Show it off!!!!!!
  10. Wear what you want when you want!:tup:
  11. i personally dislike Multicolour. but i wouldn't hate, make fun or chastise anyone carrying it. it's nobody's business but yours :yes:
  12. I'm a straight woman too, if you don't mind reading my opinion.

    My gay male friend is as flamboyant as can be, but when it comes to wallets and handbags, he only chooses "manly" types. He doesn't like to wear loud designs or colors. He only buys dark "manly" wallets and buys messenger bags. However, he'lll wear a hot pink top! LOL! What I'm trying to say is, it's a personal thing. I think if you feel comfortable carrying it, then by all means, carry it and be proud that you bought it with your own hard earned money! Whoever puts you dowm for carrying what makes you happy can scr*ew themselves, IMO.
  13. As a straight woman (I always have trouble thinking I'm a woman (no I'm not a man! lol) cuz I'm just a GIRL, and ya, I'm 20... so it's near the borderline lol), I LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE AREN"T AFRAID TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES!
    This applies to men and women, regardless of your sexuality. I think people who are confident in themselves, now THAT trait is hot! :yes: (but confidence =/= arrogance! So if you carry yourself with confidence, I'd look up to you, whereas if you're just trying to show off a bag by over flunting things, then that would be annoying imo, but then again, like DeluxeDuck said, it's still none of my business)
  14. I personally wouldn't carry an MC bag, though I do like the line. Though I would use MC accessories like iPod case and key holders?

    However, feel free to carry whatever you like!
  15. Hi, im a straight girl (hope you dont mind me replying to your thread :biggrin:)

    Well I say if you are comfortable and you pluck up enough courage wear whatever you want. Life is your runway so rock your bag like a supermodel :biggrin:

    Good luck! :biggrin: