The guys bragging thread..gals evaluate :D

  1. Ok...I notice there are quite a few guys frequenting this forum. I like it here b/c there are lots of nice tolerant people unlike many other forums (snobbish and rude people elsewhere).

    I'm starting a thread for guys who made some noteable purchases...

    Gals feel free to evaluate the stuff we buy :biggrin:~

    Here goes...

    John Varavatos coats/jackets from 2007
    varvatosjacket1-2R.jpg varvatosjacket1R.jpg varvatosjacket2R.jpg varvatosjacket2-2R.jpg varvatosproblemcoat1R.jpg
  2. Another closeup pic of the peacoat + burberry prossum shirt I picked up for 10$ :~D
    varvatosproblemcoatextraR.jpg burbprostshirt1R.jpg burbprostshirt2R.jpg
  3. good purchases! :smile:
  4. Eyeglasses purchases for 2007....these are all prof pics and not done by me...

    From left to right:

    Alain Mikli
    Less than Human
    Eye'dc (my color is brown...not red...)
    Face a Face
    Alainmikli.jpg lessthanhumanhenly.jpg eye'dc v265.jpg twins5-911.jpg n010_714.jpg
  5. Last pic taken by me.

    left: Eye'dc
    Right: starck eyes by alain mikli (just got this a couple of weeks ago)
    v535_004.jpg starckframesmikliR.jpg
  6. Dayum! People think I'm crazy for getting 4 pairs of frames each year... and now I understand why! 7 different sets in one year??? Wow!

    I really like your starck eyes by alain milkli frames and your JV coat. Good purchases! How are you going to top that in 2008?
  7. Boombaka what did you get? If you buy 4 you're an eyeglass afficianado no doubt :smile:

    Well...the list is really getting shorter...I'm looking for a couple of things but I try to get rock bottom prices for my frames somehow..

    Here is one I'm thinking about....

    So damn cool. Called parasite does not latch around your ears. it pushes against your temples and it won't fall off.
    parasitecell.jpg sport.jpg
  8. Good lord! 7 pairs of eyeglasses?? I can barely afford 1! Love the furry jackets.
  9. Oooh, love the Starck glasses. I'd get those for myself!
  10. Love those Starck glasses! :yes:
  11. Love love love the John Varvatos jacket, Less than Human glasses and the Face a Face glasses, but really everything is good! Can you please come over and dress my bf?! :p
  12. I Love the Varvatos coat, and the silver mikli frames! I too love glasses, used to buy 4-5 pairs a year. Cutting back on spending lately, so am just getting new lenses for some of my frames, in cool colors and gradients. Makes me feel like they are new...
  13. I kinda cheat........I buy the frames from wherever (sometimes Europe) on clearance and I take it back to asia. 1.67 high index frames with astigmatism costs like 35$. These lenses are no Zeiss...but they aren't cheap junk either. I've gotten the lenses evaluated from many eyeglass stores and I got positive comments.

    Lenses are such a ripoff. The wholesale prices for high index lenses in america is like 25$ or less (non-brand ones). The markup at places like lenscrafters is like 10X...I will never pay that. :wlae:
  14. I like the jacket, though I might not personally wear it. But it's a good choice.

    The T-shirt, however, looks fabulous.
  15. Love the peacoat!! And seeing someone wear that tee would definitely brighten my day... the sun is just so...sunny. LOL :biggrin: