The Gustto unknown style...

  1. I bought this little Gustto Luga in Navy Blue on eBay, a style I have never seen before. I rather like it for a casual 'blue jeans' kind of bag. The leather is the typical Gustto smooshy.

    It is a small-medium bag, nice shoulder carry, smallish compared to other Gusttos.

    Has anyone seen this style before? Any of you have more photos for comparison?
    GusttoLuga-front.JPG GusttoLuga-back.JPG GusttoLuga-side.JPG GusttoLuga-bottom.JPG GusttoLuga-interior.JPG
  2. I saw this style at Nordstroms in Houston about 2 months ago. It's about the same size as a small baca, right? It is a very pretty purse; congrats! :tup:
  3. No matter what I tried, I could not get that bag to stand up straight.

    It kept trying to lay over like a sleepy baby elephant ready to take a nap.

    The bag is smaller than a Baca, more like a medium shoulder bag size.
  4. i'm not too familiar with Gustto, but that bag is absolutely drool-worthy :drool: Do you mind me asking how much you got it for?
  5. I bought it on eBay, new for $249, I believe. It retails for $625.
  6. Looks similar to a Setela but smaller and with a shoulderstrap. Nice nice bag and color. I am liking some of Gustto's old bags I've seen. Get them while you can find them because they disappear and then are hard to find. I am surprised the Persa is still on Shopzane but I can understand no one wants to pay 600 retail when eBay has such deals if you know what is authentic.
  7. I want one of those Persas but will not pay retail. I bet that will never come up on Ebay. *sniff*
  8. I saw this bag on ebay and thought it was lovely.

    Glad you got it!