The Gucci Indy?

  1. Just browsing the forum and noticed that it wasn't that popular. Me and my mother went to look at it and she is in love with it but cannot justify the price tag! Just wondering what are your thoughts and whether you think the Indy will be a classic or simply an 'IT' bag? :smile:
  2. I love the indy bag too! The 2 I love are gun metal leather version and the python (I have seen both black/silver and red and both are tdf but way out of my price range).

    I think the jury is out on it bag or classic status. I'm leaning more toward it bag but I'm no gucci expert.

    I always say if you love it then who cares but they are very $$$ so I understand the desire for it to be a classic.
  3. I think its a it bag...its way ti funky to be classic.....There are quite a few on bluefly right now. If you use an extra 15 or 20% off discount code you can get yourself a good deal!
  4. It's just personal preference really, I think you guys should go for it if you like it, definately not something UGLY. I personally don't want one, but I know many that LOVE it. Nice bag:tup:
  5. I don't think it's a classic but it sure is sexy!
  6. Yeah it is one sexy bag... If it wasn't so pricey I would get one. For the price I would rather get another spy.
  7. it def is an it kinda ehh about it...the only one i LOVE LOVE LOVE is the new one with the crest on it! :smile: that one i would own and use FOEVER !!!
  8. I actually really love the dark brown guccisima leather indy... very drool worthy. BUT... for the money that they're asking for, I'd rather put a little bit more money for a TDF chanel or maybe another fendi spy.
  9. I fell in love with the Indy the moment I saw it IRL. It was so pretty and I love things with tassels. To me the metal just added style. It was like having a piece of beautiful jewellery. I purchased it figuring it was a splurge, but I would have something special. It is a beautiful bag but I am very dissapointed. It is heavy and awkward to carry. I could have even lived with that but it is even more awkward to get things in and out of. The top of the bag does not easily lie flat so you are fiddling with the flap to close it and get it to lie flat. My Spy bag is just as beautiful but it is far more comfortable and practical to use. I can't tell you how much sleep I have lost over this bag. I can't return it because it is past the 28 days but still I paid big bucks for it. :sad::sad::sad: Oh well live and learn.! IMG_0001_3.jpg
  10. Thats too bad... I saw it for the first time at holts and my husband suggested it but I wasn't inlove, and when I tried it on I was even less inlove.

    You should either go complain at the Gucci store and they might just let you exchange it or sell it on eBay!
  11. I purchased the bag at Holts in Toronto, I wonder if they would give me a credit. Do you really think the Gucci store might? I am such a coward when it comes to returning things.
  12. I loved this bag when it first came out. I tried the large in the Gucci boutique and found it heavy, uncomfortable, and awkward. I still could not get it out of my head and ordered a medium from NM. I figured I could use it for going out. Who cares if it is heavy, it does look stylish. Well, the flap did not lay nicely without some arranging, and when I put my things in the bag I did not like the shape of the bag. Back it went. It did not work for me.
  13. Well this has been my experience too. I could have lived with the weight but the flap and the way is sitsis a royal pain! Just and update I took mona-danya's advice and took it back to Holt's today. They would not do anything about it even a store credit because the plastic had been removed from the hardware. I asked about costumer satisfaction and they said that there is no defect in the bag and I should have worn it at home for awhile before removing the plastic. I walked down the street to Gucci and they would not even discuss it with me becuause it came from Holt's. The best I can say about this situation is my daughter loves the bag. But wow what an expensive purchase to be so unhappy! I am going to try contacting Gucci direct but I have been told that their customer service is not great.
  14. holt's return policy is ridiculous. any department store in the states wouldn't be in business a year with something like that.

    ALL of their sale items are final sale (or were a little over a year ago) and they have that ridiculous 28 day rule. it's OUR money! if we decide something doesn't suit us, we have the right to get it back, imho.
  15. I agree and I am really disappointed with them.. I am embarrassed to say how much money I have spent there in the last year alone, (at least 6 purses). It is frustrating because their prices are high but we really don't have that many choices of where to buy nice things here in T.O. :cursing: