The Gucci Indy ... to die for IRL!

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  1. I just got back from Saks in San Francisco. The SA had just put an Indy on display (dark brown) that came in this morning and it was absolutely magnificent. The photos online do NOT do it justice.

    The dark brown is not flat like what you see online. It is almost a dark mahogany with a nice sheen. The metal is gold/silver-ish (can lean either way depending on what you're wearing). VERY elegant.

    The handle was inspired by racing cars and your hand fits comfortably over the metal piece so you never wear on leather.

    It was absolutely gorgeous and I stood there agonizing whether to return my new Miu Miu coffer.

    I am really shocked how bad the photos are. IRL the bag has so much more color and depth.
    Gucci indy.jpg
  2. Is this on sale or regular price?
  3. I believe you, I have the all leather Race and think its much more stunning IRL. The leather on these bags is just beautiful, and so is the hardware. It doesn't hurt to wear it with the protective plastic still on it, with that bag you can hardly tell, since the hardware is so large and shiny its prone to scratches.
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. i believe you! i've seen this bag in real person and it is to die for. :sad: it's not in my budget so i have to always turn away after being so thrilled but i hope you get the bag. it is everything a girl can dream of and for
  6. It was regular price. The SA said it was delivered that morning and she was just putting it on display. $1890.
  7. you're right, from the photo, i wouldn't give it a second look
  8. its part of the fall collection. There's a larger size one too... its about the size of a spy. I must admit, I've fallen in love w/ this bag :love:
  9. I really wanted the white Indy and I'm usually not a fan of Gucci, but this bag is tdf! Alas, have to wait until I can get a bonus at work to afford it :crybaby:
  10. I saw it yesterday and you are so right! I had no idea that it was named for the Indy 500 and that those Indy cars had small steering wheels.