The Gucci Cake - how cuuuteeee!!

  1. A women turned 60 and celebrated her birthday with a gorgeous gucci cake..:tup:

    my thoughts.. wouldnt mind having one but itd be really hard cutting :heart:through and eating it lol - i would reather save it forever lol:biggrin:
  2. OMG. Its so pretty! I wouldnt be able to eat it either!
  3. That IS really sweet!
  4. Thats freakin cool!
  5. that's so cute :biggrin: i wouldn't want to eat it either! i'd probably let it harden and leave it in a case haha. the purse and shoes look awesome.
  6. OMG...that is so pretty!! I would hate to cut it!
  7. These designer cakes are just wonderful!! Love them! I wonder if they taste as good as they look?
  8. That's an awesome cake though it would have been nice if they used a jackie O for the cake. The shoe is great.
  9. that's so cool. it looks too pretty to eat though.
  10. hmm somehow i dont find black sauce interesting.. i think they dont taste as good as they look.. another reason i guess to KEEP it rather than EAT it lol :biggrin:D
  11. What a cute cake!
  12. ooohhhh i want one!!! but which bag is on the top? heh!
  13. Wow :nuts:
  14. That is so cute!
  15. ooooh such an adorable cake!!!! I don't think i'll have the nerve to cut and eat it too. I'd probably end up putting it in a display case or something! :upsidedown: