The Gucci Black Controllato Cards

  1. Hello.

    I was going to buy a bag as a present for someone on eBay but I've been put off by fakes.

    Can anyone tell me, what comes with the authentic Gucci bags? Some listings on eBay say that the black credit card style controllato means the bag is fake, is that right?

    In which case, apart from the dust bag, what does come with an authentic gucci bag?

    I'm specificially interested in the Horsebit and Boston bags. I just don't want to buy a fake and on eBay these types seem to come with:

    -dust bag
    -small white care booklet
    -A small blue and white gucc tag/card
    -controllato card

    Is that what the authentic ones come with? Could anyone help me please? :smile:
  2. Mainly just the dust bag and controllo card, sometimes you will get the history booklet or the white info booklet. I have purcahsed items from Selfridges in the past which have just dust cover and controllo card.
    The black credit card size cards are fake
  3. Just post what you find in the auth this thread in the Gucci forums
  4. I only got a dustbag and controllo card for my purses.
  5. Do any of you know if controllato cards are duplicated with the same bags or are they different like serial numbers?
  6. Sorry, I asked a stupid question. I meant the numbers on the price tags. I'm trying to authenticate a receipt and price tag shown by a seller. I dont' know what I'm asking....Sorry...