The Gryson Woven Olivia in Cerise!

  1. Olivia-Cerise-Fr307web-02165.jpg
  2. Gorgeous color but the price. Ouch.
  3. use code "rare20" for 20% off! Stunning bag!:nuts:
  4. Yeah, the wovens are more expensive but they are hand made and GORGEOUS! Rarechic just put up this Josey in blue too that is pretty good looking as well:
  5. oh my! that is gorgeous! i don't even have that much in my bank account right now unfortunately
  6. I hear you on that one. I'm trying to somehow reason it with the 20% off code though. I really need to eat this month??????? It is kind of crazy what women will do for handbags.
  7. Yep! We must prioritize!
  8. I found this bag at BG for $895 in moss. I really love that color too!
  9. They have the Skye in moss for $995 at Bergdorf but not the Olivia which is the larger version. The moss is pretty as well though but I'm leaning more towards the cerise.
  10. Wow, that's a really pretty Gryson. It seems like they're starting to come out w/ more expensive bags, too :sad:. I think my Skye was only $700 something?
  11. I was able to wait until the end of the season and got my Woven blue jean Skye for 800.00 at shoptwigs. Active endeavor usually carries several and there are 25% off codes for that. I am expecting my Cerise Tutu this week and hope it's worth the price tag of 1295. No discounts. Now I am seriously wanting another Gryson already but hoping that if they start selling through the site they may give us a small deal of some sort for signing up early.
  12. A lot of the time the wovens aren't around for the end of the season. Plus, you can use the code Toutie at and get 20% off now, so it's kind of like a sale.....