The Gryson Collection

  1. OMG... great line of bags. Take a look at Bergdorf's online. I'm tempted to alter my "must have for '07" list to add one of these beauties.

    Love them!
  2. Oh I love them too! It looks like she has added a few more classic looking satchels too which I really like :heart:
  3. I am in love with the Woven line. Just too expensive. I have 2 Gryson's so I am going to stick to that. Maybe one day in the distant future someone will have a woven on sale.
  4. I agree! The new Spring bags are gorgeous. The new Gryson website, at Gryson .com shows the whole line and the colors options for each style. I am in love with the green, blue jean and baltic blue! Neiman, and Bergdorf show a bag that isn't on the Gryson site - The "Amanda" bag. It looks amazing! This leaves me wondering what the range of color choices for the Amanda is ?? Does anybody know? I was searching for an answer to this earlier and ran across some great ifo on Gryson customer service on the Bag Snob site. Well worth reading! The Bag Snob: The Latest "It" Bags Archives. You have to scroll down a little to find the info on Gryson.