The Grudge 2

  1. Anyone planning on watching the movie when it comes out ? I heard this year the movie is going to hit theatres on Friday the 13th ( october 13 which is this coming friday )...I think with the date alone and halloween being right around the corner it'll get a lot of money in the box office.

    I have a feeling everyone wants to see a good scary movie, we haven't had one out in awhile and I'm not counting Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning a scary movie because I consider those movies just gory...a lot of blood and half the time I can't enjoy the movie because I'm covering my eyes because I don't want to see arms flying off on screen. :lol:

    Back to topic: So will anyone be heading out to the theatres to watch the movie when it comes out ? :supacool:
  2. Yes! My boyfriend & I are scary movie addicts! We watch whenever one comes out! Except like you said, the gory ones, because those aren't even scary to me.
  3. When the first one came out, my Mom went with me to see it. Maybe I can talk her into watching the second one too when it comes here. Or I might have to wait until it come to video.
  4. OOh..I'm definitely seeing this!! Just a qucik question, Is Sarah Michelle Geller still going to have the major role? Cause they don't show too much of her in the trailers. Oh I hope it s a major role cause I love SMG!!
  5. I read in a magazine that she will be in the movie for a short time. Amber Tamblyn who plays Sarah Michelle's sister in the movie will have the bigger role (I think). Can't wait to see it!!
  6. I love SMG too but I think she's going to die and the other girl is going to be the main character.
  7. yucky creepy scary movie!
  8. Oh 13 year old daughter is a HUGE fan of the first one. She's got the DVD that she drags around with her portable DVD player everywhere we go. PLUS, she watches it on cable when it comes on. Crazy. PLUS, she's seen the Japanese version (the original movie). Needless to say, she's been planning for months now that we go see this movie on Friday. Oh joy...............
  9. I've seen the first but not the Japanese version. I heard it's alot scarier!!
    Too bad the bf is scurred of scary movies... I have "protect" him !!