The groomer injured my kitty!!!

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  1. Two days ago SO and I took our Persian kitty to the groomers because she needed some matts cut out of her and her nails trimmed. The owner was super nice and we felt really comfortable leaving her there for 3 hours. When we got kitty home, she was walking a little funny on her back legs. We didn't think much of it because it wasn't that bad and she wasn't meowing like she usually does when something is wrong. The next day, she couldn't even walk! We took her to the vet and paid$370 for x-rays and found out her hamstring was strained. They also put her on anti-inflammatory medicine. SO and I were so pissed that they injured her and that it cost us so much money. Fortunately, he went back to the groomer and explained our situation and she offered to pay the bill before he asked her to. Kitty's feeling better now, and she can almost walk normally. I just can't believe they would injure an animal, especially because she has so many happy customers. Now I'm scared to take her to a groomers again. :s
  2. wow what a horrible experience im so sorry she has to go through that but im glad you got it figured out quicklyy and im really glad the groomer offered to pay the bill and you didnt have to get into a whole thing about it;;

    but i agree after that id be a little scared to go to a groomer too,,,,maybe have the fur stuff and nails cut out at the vetS? i duno but goodluck :sad: and i hope kitty feels better soon :smile:
  3. Sorry to hear about your kitty. But it's a good thing the groomer offered to pay the dr's bill though.
  4. Oh my god, what did they do, yank on her leg to keep her still?! All these groomers sound so shady. I'm glad your baby will be okay though.
  5. I am glad that she is ok now. so many horror stories about animal groomers. Where do they find these peolpe, prison!!
  6. :cursing: I love animals and hearing this upsets me.
    Poor baby.
    I'm glad she's better now and safe at home.
    Our cat gets groomed here at home. He's very cooperative and allows us to trim his nails and bathe him.
    I think he actually likes it.:nuts:
  7. So sorry to hear that. Poor Kitty. I'm glad the groomers did the right thing and paid for the bill, but I would NOT take kitty back to them again.
  8. OH MY GOD!!! Glad your kitty is doing fine. It is so hard to find good kitty groomer!!! Cats are not small dogs, and you really need to be somewhat of a cat person to understand them!!! And groomers that do both dogs and cats probably has barking dogs which do not help the cats, and cats become more stressed (they are stressed as it is being away from home!!!), may try to get away,e tc., and so on. Maybe a good mobile groomer that does one pet at a time at your home, or feline exclusive hospital that does grooming. In any case, just always sad to hear grooming horror stories...
  9. Oh no, so sorry to hear your kitty is hurt. I'm glad the owner of the shop took responsibility, but they should have told you. Hope you kitty gets better soon!
  10. i am sorry you have to go through that, but its good to know that kitty is feeling better. also, it was really nice of the owner to offer to pay before you even asked. and its totally understandable that you are hesistant to go to the groomers, i have heard some horror stories as well.
  11. Wow I'm sorry for your kitty!!! That sucks :sad: But it's a good thing the groomer offered to pay the bill!

    Have you asked your vet if they would groom your cat? I used to volounteer at my vet's office a few years ago and one day when I was there, they shaved 2 Persian cats (gave them the lion cut... so adorable!). They said it wasn't that unusual that vets offices groomed cats with really long hair (such as persians), because unlike dogs, felines are much harder to groom and it takes a lot of knowledge of the species to do the job correctly. :yes: