The Groom vs. Guccissima--Wallet Help!

  1. I really need, -er want a new wallet I love both of these, which do you guys prefer? Pics are from and Elux
    p11311840_ph_hero.jpg 112715_ACC1G_9703.jpg
  2. I like the Gucci one better.
  3. Guccissima all the way. The other is cute but too trendy for me.
  4. Those are both really cute and I am not even a logo fan! I think I would go with the groom b/c he would not show wear and tear as easily as the lighter-colored guccissima. Difficult decision, though. :wondering
  5. ^^^It is difficult, I LOVE that Groom so whimsical but that platinum leather is killer!
  6. Go for the Groom !
  7. The groom just doesn't do it for me. If I'm going to spend the money, I would go for the Gucci!
  8. I like the groom wallet ... I think it will be more durable in the long run.
  9. The Guccisima is beautiful, BUT it will show wear rather quickly, and it won't be a great buy in the end. Even if the Groom line is new and somewhat trendy, it will work better in the long run.
  10. I LOVE the Groom!! It's so cute :love:
  11. This is a tough one but I am partial to the Gucci. I love the Guccissima.
  12. Just got the guccissima in black, the leather is gorgeous, but I only take it if I carry a bag with very soft lining (worry about it scratching), so I suppose, if the groom does it for you too, it would be more practical...
  13. I prefer the Gucci too, but agree that the LV will last longer, wear better.
  14. I love them both but I pick Gucci. I'm not sure about its durability though.
  15. the platinum gucci speaks more of elegance while the groom is very whimsical and cute! i love both.