The Groom series

  1. Hi!!
    I am just wondering if the styles in groom series come in all colors? Or is it just the color that's online?
    For example, does the blue stripe come in every style (i.e. organizer) and not just the compact wallet?

    Thank you!
  2. Everything is different. Agenda comes in 3 colors blue, red, yellow. I think blue is only on agendas and compacts
  3. Each piece has a specific color....i.e. the cles is only yellow, the round coin holder is only orange, the zippy organizer is green, the pochette wallet is red, the compact wallet is blue, and the agenda is in blue, yellow & red.
  4. Yeah I kind of got annoyed. I really wanted a small red piece but I don't need another agenda. I wonder why they made so many colors of the agenda but not in the other styles..
  5. I would have SOOO loved it had the cles come in red and/or blue...