The groom made me do it, now I need to make a decision...

  1. I thought I would never get a mandarin epi, not a big orange girl, but my groom rond is telling me he needs a bag to hang on. After alot of searching my SA found a speedy 30 and a bucket for me, but now I need to decide. She is bringing them both in so I can see them side by side. They should be here Thursday or Friday, it would be good to be thinking of pros and cons look for.

    I am not (ducking) a big speedy fan, so I thought bucket...but since the epi speedy is a little more stuctured, I thought I might go that way.:shrugs:
    Need opinions please.

    My mind is on LV overload, lol....I am still deciding on fraimbose vernis...and I have the inclusion keyrings on hold, picking those up on Tuesday.
  2. me personally...I like the speedy! On the Epi pieces the speedy is much more structured as you said. Plus it is a classic shape....and boy oh boy that groom would look great on it!
  3. buy what you're going to enjoy wearing.
    I think the Mandarin Epi bucket is HOT!! and your groom round will looks great hanging on that.
  4. I love anything speedy, but I really like the epi bucket too. They are both great bags and I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I'm sure once you see them side by side you'll know which one you want.
  5. I say both are GORGEOUS, But I prefer the bucket and I know ur not CRAZY about the speedy, however I would (and this is sooo dumb) decide based on what the porte monnaie ronde looks best on, my only worry with the seedy is, wouldnt it hang too low? If not then maybe the speedy, but GO WITH UR GUT! :yes:
  6. OMG! :roflmfao: OMG!

    Funny, but you are so right! Here I was thinking of the bag itself, but I will probably decide based on how the groom looks!
  7. LOl we're crazy buy a bag to match the accessory...usually it's the other way around!
  8. So true, so true...which is why I am so glad I found this forum.

    I do it with shoes too. I find shoes I love, then have to find a bag to match!
  9. Speedy :yes:
  10. I like the Speedy, but if you're more comfy with the bucket, get that one! It all depends on what you like best and I think the decision will be easier when you see them both in person. :yes:
  11. Here is a pic of my Speedy 30 with the Rond & watzerfaces bucket [from the Groom clubhouse thread], they both look good!

  12. passing out.....


    I reckon you should get a Speedy! Good ole classic!
  13. bucket.jpg
  14. I'dvote bucket, but do you want a shoulder bag or arm bag?
  15. Since you are not a big Speedy fan, I suggest the Bucket. I think both will look cute with the Groom rond.