The Groom Line - I know it's limited but...

  1. WOW! Yes, that is WAY TOOOO MUCH!!

    There are still groom pieces in some stores....
  2. Seems a little high to me!!! This has been my all time FAV wallet, but I woud never spend that much on it!
  3. Uhh i meant to finish that sentence with "I heard a rumor that theyre coming out with a new groom line? anyone else heard about this?"
  4. Well I'm in sales and a motto we frequently use is - Just because some asks a certain price doesn't mean it will actually SELL for that price. .. lol ..

    That listing has been out there for awhile now. That organizer of course retailed for $695 so it's pricey before any profit. I think that style groom item sold out very quickly!! (was told it was the most popular groom item), I know their are still cles' hanging around but the organizer was sold out I think by March of '06??

    Gotta love eBay though .. such a range in sellers!
  5. LOL that is too that the same chick who keeps trying to sell her Cherry Blossom pochettes for like 2K?
  6. crazyyyy nut case:yucky:
  7. I don't know what sort of prices groom pieces are selling for on eBay, so can't comment on the price she's asking. But ... I don't think there's anything crazy about asking inflated prices for discontinued items. Somewhere out there, there's probably someone desperate enough to pay that much, and if they do, they're the crazy one ... not the seller.
  8. :true: