The groom line, fall/winter 2006

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  1. I've read that there is a new line called groom....have you got some pictures to see how it is?
    thank u everybody
  2. :smile:
  3. Here you go:

  4. HAHA its my lego man! jk...

    That should be a fun line... I can already here..."oh, there's a little man on the wallet... I don't like that" HAHA.
  5. Lol I love these pieces..I just want a coin case I think..I have myself down for that one in red. Eeee I'm excited.
  6. Aw I know!

    Ooo red... nice!

    I know - I don't know if I'm imagining things...but did I see a chain attached to the round coin purse?
  7. Nope you're not imagining things lol. It's a keychain thingy, just like the round Cerises one. I sometimes attach mine to my bags, which is what I'll be doing with the groom one :yahoo:
  8. I love this line it will be so much fun :yahoo:
  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah I thought I was losing my mind - how cute! I can totally see you sport that! The groom? oh you mean the lego man? haha JK :yahoo:
  10. Lol Lego man..see now that will be stuck in my head and when I go to ask for the pieces, I'll end up calling them that accidentally and they'll look at me like "whaaaat?"
    I did that once in high friends and I had this joke about this water the school sold that we LOVED. It didn't really have a name but it was fruit flavored, so we called it fruity water. So one day I was in the cafeteria and I asked the lady for "fruity water" and she looked at me like :shocked: and goes, "um we don't have that."
  11. Is that wallet just for women? I'm starting to like it more and more. :biggrin:
  12. Rebecca! I would just DIE laughing if you did say that to the SA at the store! haha, they'd seriously would be like "WHHHHAT???" Your all...."YAH, I'd love to see the new lego line... you know with the little man on your LV LV LV WALLET..." haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    OMG I'M LAUGHING SO HARD, "Fruity Water" HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... thats so funny! HAAAAAAAA. Thats a good one!

  13. No way! You can definitely use it too.
    I actually think of this whole line as kind of..manly since you know, it IS a little guy on it.
    But it's definitely unisex. Get a wallet!
  14. Lol..and if I do, and they look at me like I'm insane, I'm going to tell them to call Laurence at store #058 because it's his fault I called it that. :lol:
  15. haha....this line seems so random.

    "Show me your suitcase and i'll tell you who you are!!"

    i'm sure it made sense in 1921 but still hahaha