the groom care book ?

  1. Hi, are you supposed to get the groom care book with the groom bandeau ? because last week when I got one I didnt get the booklet. I would have liked a booklet. If it was supposed to come with one...should I go in and ask and they will give me one ?. Thanks in advance :balloon:
  2. :confused1: I brought groom bandeau in xmas.. but i didnt get it,,, i also ask SA,,, she say only wallet, agenda, keyring purse..
    make me doubt!!
  3. ll double check and ask SA again...:cursing:
  4. thanks :flowers: its such a cute care book LOL
  5. I didn't even get it for the Agenda (it was gift wrapped and saw it at home when I unwrapped it), the next day I went again and the SA gave me a booklet. For my scarf I didn't get one either.
  6. I bought 3 scarfs one for me 2 for art no booklets with them
  7. thanks for the info everyone, seems like they must just give them when they feel like LOL :flowers:
  8. :wlae: i ll pretend dnt know and ask for it... funny!!
    Thxs.. Socialite

    it so cute booklet!!
  9. I don't think so..I thought you only got it with the accessories. I didn't get one with either of my Groom bandeaus.
  10. I think so too... it makes more sense.
  11. Didn't get one with my bandeau! The care booklet specifies how to care for the it makes sense it wouldn't come with a scarf.
  12. Yah, the care instructions for those pieces should be on the tag sewn into the item.
  13. It's probably dry clean only.
  14. thanks for the info :flowers:, I was wondering how I could wash it. Thanks :nuts: