The Griet...

  1. Is anyone else loving the Griet?? I just saw it on and my heart started beating know what that means!:nuts: This is the first time a new bag has done this to me since....the riveting! I MUST have it! What do you guys think? Does anyone have it yet? The price difference between mono and MC is minimal so I think I could get either one, which one do you like better? :woohoo:
  2. Get the MC
  3. Beautiful bag, i say go for it!
  4. I love this bag and can't wait to see it in person.
  5. i dunno maybe if i see it in person i'll like it more... i think th mirage is the best so... unfortunately the mono and mc don't compare to it. i'd say go with MC in anycase.
  6. I like the Damier!
  7. i saw it in person this week and it looks great! I would get the Mono but I'm too worried about all the vachetta..holding out to see the Damier version!
  8. They have the damier version on the website too! they are all great. Did anyone try it on that saw it IRL?
  9. All are beautiful. But in my opinion, the Mirage Griet is TDF. The outline and shape of the Mirage Griet is breathtaking compared to the Griet in the other lines. It is definately a different shape.
  10. I think it's a beautiful shape
  11. It's beautiful. If you love it, get it! Nothing like presents for ourselves.
  12. the Mirage Griet is definitely TDF but its outside of my price range...but i still love the others! I have never been too fond of the damier bags (love the azur though) but i am taking a second look at the damier griet, its really nice looking.
  13. I saw it in person and I adore it! The MC is to die for, take the plunge you won't regret it!
  14. I absolutely LOVE it, but it's way too big for me! I saw it in the store and I'm pretty sure I could fit in it!
  15. OMG OMG!! I just purchased the Damier Griet over the phone! It should be be here tomorrow..I am SO excited!! I tried on the Mono at the Dallas Galleria on Monday but I wanted the Damier ( the SA's didnt know that it was available in Damier..wth! sheesh!). Anyways, I will post pics hopefully tomorrow!